QBee Blog Day

It’s time to gush about the fun that is the QBee! What the heck is a qbee, you ask? Well, let me ‘splain…

The QBee (The Quilting Bee) is the original net pixel & friendship club. It’s been around since 2000. I’m a very new member; I just joined last month. I found it by accident one day while surfing around looking at pixel art. I honestly can’t remember how I found it, since I’d found it, bookmarked it, went away, then came back to explore it more a few days later.

I’m a sucker for collecting and for pixels, so when I found it, I said, “This looks great!” The essence of the club is making little pixel “quilt squares” that you trade with other “bees” and collect into a large “quilt.” As a new pixel-er, the first fun for me was in coming up with an idea for my quilt square, viewable here as the second square. It was my attempt to recreate a Laurel Burch cat; her colorful cats are one of my favorite “happy” things to have around–the colors always make me smile. As I was thinking of what to do for my first quilt square, a Laurel Burch cat seemed a natural place to start. It came out pretty good for one of my first pixel attempts!

Besides trading quilt squares, the club hosts regular “activities” that involve pixel-painting something and trading it with other members to collect into new quilts (or onto shelves, etc). I am currently doing my first QBee activity, a Christmas card trade & ornament hunt.

As someone who loves color, pixels, collecting, and things cute, a group that revolves around such things is right up my alley. But the ultimate appeal of the club? Meeting new people from around the world who also have a love of pixel art and things cute. :-) I love that everyone is so nice, so supportive, and fun to get to know. The club is made up of people of all ages from all over the world, and this year a bunch of us sent each other actual Christmas cards–I got to send cards not only around the U.S., but also to Thailand, Finland, Sweden, England, Australia, Germany, and Spain. So cool.

I look forward to getting to know my fellow Bees and to all the activities of 2009. If you’re a pixel fan at all…come say hi. I’m Bee #47. :-)

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  1. The Christmas card event is so much fun. I’m a little sad though that I did not get more cards from my neighbors :cry: heh

  2. I know! I’ve only gotten two…but hey, all the great cards from everyone else makes up for it lol! :D

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