Sick of it all.

This is a rant, so don’t read if you might be offended by language and strong opinions.

I have no idea how many days I will still have a job. The owner has now threatened that if anyone is fired, he will not pay unemployment. I think he’s going to trump up reasons to fire the few of us left, within the next couple of weeks, so that he can then shut down the company with less expense. We’ve been working at even faster than our normal pace, but we’re getting the, “How much more can you do?” attitude from management. That means that no matter what we do, it won’t be “enough,” and thus a “reason” to be fired. Fucking bullshit, all of it. We already produce the fucking products at a very efficient pace, so to be treated like we’re not working is a slap in the face. Now our output WILL go down, because everyone is so goddamn furious and ready to walk out (which we are all probably going to do, it’s just a matter of when). We are looking into our options, such as filing labor board complaints, etc. No idea what goes into that, but we’ll see. Also, everyone who’s been let go so far is no longer getting their “severance” pay, and I’m not even sure everyone got their last week of pay. Not that that surprises me now. This fucking bastard owner, who has had this company for THIRTY YEARS is apparently getting off on fucking over every person who is still around. There are loyal people here who have worked for him for over ten years (the people who’d been here longer were fired earlier this year)…very good at their jobs, reliable, etc…and they are about to be fired with nothing to fall back on. How the FUCK does someone do that to another person?? I need to get away from this place before I go postal (and I’m only slightly exaggerating).

Add to all this the fact that my mother is now being refused cancer treatment because her insurance ran out—she was laid off a month ago—and she doesn’t qualify for retirement benefits until February. So what is she supposed to do, DIE? I suppose so! She isn’t going to give any money to the big cancer money machine, so who needs her? I’m so fucking sick of all the bullshit in this country that I’m ready to blow. Fucking greed and fucking worthless shits calling themselves human. There are things I want to do about all this, but I won’t write it so as not to possible get myself in trouble.

Merry fucking christmas. I hope this fucking country implodes.

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