Trying to stay even

Well, haven’t gotten the new design going yet. Yesterday the power cord on this old Powerbook stopped working, and after a mini-meltdown, I decided to just replace the damn thing. I plan to get a new computer soon, but I can’t do it just yet, and a new power cord for this old gal was $80. The problem is that she overheats quite a bit, and that’s probably what is causing the power cord to short out (this is my third cord in two months). So basically I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this cord will last a month until I can get a new computer.

Funny how I could live without a TV, or without a phone…but a computer? No way.

After I got back home with the cord (and finding it took WAY too much driving around town), I called my mom, and she’s not doing very well right now. Then I talked to my dad, and it seems something is up with him, and I don’t know what it is, but it unnerved me. So after all that, I barely was able to eat dinner and crawl into bed to watch movies.

I’m working on the layout today, since working with graphics soothes me. I’m also considering picking up a sketchpad later on, because for some reason the idea of curling up later with just a sketchpad, pencils, cocoa, music, and candles seems like the thing to do.

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