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Today I got an invitation to happy hour on Friday to celebrate the demise of my former company. I find that amusing in a sick kind of way…I might go, just to see people and to see how they are doing. I thought the company would last longer before it died…but nope, it was in its death throes when I was let go. Oh well, now at least everyone can move on to better things.

Today seemed to have some weird energy, and I felt restless.

But I did make some cute new sigtags tonight:

Happy Valentines Day Happy Valentines Day Happy Valentines Day
(I used tubes from Rose Bonbon Creations, Fairy Cat’s Pixels, and Rutan’s Delight; links to the side & below :-) )

I also finished the little project I’d started a couple of days ago. It’s a little encouragement plaque, and it didn’t quite turn out like I thought, but it’s still cute. I tried to capture its colors and sparkles, but I wasn’t quite able. I might try tomorrow in the sunlight:

I’m going to make more of these, experimenting with different ways of doing the letters, different sayings, and different embellishments. It was like working with a little wooden canvas, and how much color, texture, and layer can I put on it before it’s overwhelmed? Making more of these will be fun. I’m thinking of putting Goddess images on them, other crocheted bits, beads…lots of stuff.

I also went to my favorite natural food store today and picked up some of my favorite things:

some of my favorite things
Amy’s soups, Elderberry mead, natural chicken salad, marinated green olives, and a nice hunk o’ brie. I could live on this stuff for a long, long time.

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