Oh my. I’m on a roll: a new idea is born.

So as I ooh’d and ahh’d over blogs and Etsy shops today, an idea started to form in my head. Certain colors and designs and images and ideas all muddled and swirled in my inner cauldron…and POOF! A new idea bubbled out.

The Witchlings of Mushroom Manor.

What are Witchlings? Well, I’m not exactly sure yet what they look like, although I’ve sketched a few ideas and ideas for some little extras that “go with” them. I do know that they live in little whimsical mushroom houses under a huge, ancient, magical tree, which is located deep in a forest, and that their little village is known as Mushroom Manor.

I’ve also written a little rhyming poem that sort of introduces them, which starts like this:

“They do tend to show up relatively small,
but they’re only wee Witchlings, after all!
They ride on the tiny things you see floating about,
On whispered west winds and the tales of doubt…”

As for the rest, I won’t post it yet. :-) I’m going to play with this idea for a bit. Right now I’m thinking children’s illustrated book (because the poem just came out in that kind of voice), but also little physical doll-like creations, although I have no idea how to make such things. Maybe a pixel-art illustrated e-book? Hmmmm………..*watches creative cauldron bubble more*

I also wrote up a little inspirational piece about this internal “creative cauldron” (it’s Brighid’s pre-Imbolc inspiration hitting, I do not doubt), and I want to either write/draw it out or create it digitally and then I’ll post it.

Told you I was on a roll…just wait until I come up with a look for the Witchlings and fill the house with them. My roommate will be so thrilled, lol. :lol:

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