A couple of pretties

I got a gorgeous skein of yarn some time ago and finally decided to make something out of it. I’m making fingerless gloves:

The gorgeous yarn

I lovelovelove this yarn; these pics don’t quite capture how gorgeous it is. It’s blue with gold and silver and multicolor shimmer in it.

Another shot of the yarn

I’ll post pics of the gloves when they are done (tomorrow if I don’t run out of yarn).

And thanks to a recent post on Daisy Cottage, I found this lovely pepper mill. And as it was on dirt-cheap sale, I had to snag one. It came today in the mail…have you ever seen such a huge freaking pepper mill?! It’s gorgeous…and I photographed it next to my other one just to show how tall it is. :lol:

The huge but gorgeous yellow pepper mill

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  1. Oh what delightful yarn! It is so cold here this week and I was thinking how wonderful fingerless gloves would be (in the house)! (Do you take commissions? :-))

    1. Cyberdelia says:

      Commissions…LOL! I don’t think these will be quite worthy of that. But thanks for the vote of confidence! :-)

  2. Hooray, fingerless gloves! You should sign up for Ravelry if you haven’t done so yet — it’s so much fun to post pictures of your completed projects and it’s great for finding new pattern ideas.

    1. Cyberdelia says:

      Ok, I did it…signed up for an invitation to Ravelry! Thanks for the link!

  3. Oh awesome! I’m so glad you got one too!
    Now I’ll think of you when I use mine!

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