Mantra Monday…on Thursday! Whee!

I swear I had every intention of making my next card to post on Monday…but it didn’t happen. Le sigh. Again, better late than never…lol! Here’s this week’s Mantra card (and here’s the main/home post about it), in honor of upcoming Valentine’s Day…a Yes card to, of course, Love! :-)


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  1. ooohhh sara!!! i LOVE this card!!! hee hee!!! i love all the hearts, and glitter of course!!! YES to love!!!

    thanks for playing mantra monday with me again!!! so fabulous to have you as a participant!!! yay yay yay!!!

    peace and LOVE to you!!!

  2. I love this card too and want to give it to everyone I love!

  3. Cyberdelia says:

    jennlui…you are *so* welcome, and thank YOU for starting Mantra Monday in the first place!! What a great idea, and I’m having soooo much fun making these cards! :-)

    Loran…hi Goddess sis! I’m so glad you like it! :-)

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