Ack. Gasp. *SWOON*!

Oh Goddess help me. I have found Nirvana, and its name is Ravelry. Or more specifically, Nirvana has many names disguised as yarn sources linked within Ravelry.

Or, put more simply, Yaaaaaaaarn!

Thank you Siobhan for pointing me to Ravelry! I got my invite last night and today have started exploring…and wow, so much goodness in that community. Not that I have time to do all the crafty things I already want to do, but I am now starting a list of knitting projects…bah, who needs sleep?

So I got looking around Ravelry, and zeroed in to the yarn section…and poof, was lost. Talk about a kid in a multi-color candy store. Or yarn store, as it were. I found sooo many colorways I must hoarde—er, acquire…the ohmyGoddessImusthavethatyarn kind of yarn. Every color combination…bright, vivid colors…wildly fun colors…make-you-squee-with-delight colors. And I have caved in, so far, to one skein…found on Ravelry and bought via Aggressively Awesome Stitches on Etsy:

This gorgeous yarn is 100% Peruvian Highland wool, hand-dyed with “acid dyes and kool-aid.” I love it!! Now, I have *no* idea what I’m going to do with this. Knit it into socks? Nah, I’d hate to hide the gorgeous fibers in shoes. Make it into a scarf? Nah, the colors are a bit too bold for me for a scarf. Same for a hat. Maybe a pillow? That way I could more easily show off the colors. Hmmm. Honestly, I have no idea yet. I’ll wait til I get my hands on it and then I’ll sweetly ask it what it would like to become…

*ahem*. Yeah, I talk to yarn. What of it? *tries not to giggle*

I do love this yarn. But there was more…

I was already wanting two skeins from Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ Socks That Rock so I could make the insanely gorgeous Chevron Scarf. Is that not drop dead gorgeous? I love the colors—and have I mentioned how much I love color? No? Well, let me just say…I LOVE COLOR. Srsly. So, yeah, I found that scarf on that blog and the colors knocked me over. Must make it!

The colors she used to make the scarf are still available (but damn if they aren’t, ah, a bit much to pay for two skeins of yarn), and I figured ok, add that to my “want” list. But then I started poking around Ravelry today, and I found…

A beautiful colorway called “Blarney Stone”!! Found via The Wench Knits, who is making the uber-awesome Chevron Scarf with it (this is her pic, from Flickr, and is linked back there).


BUT! Blarney Stone is no longer available on the Blue Moon site!! *cries, pounds desk* I must find that yarn…someone must have some to sell…anyone? Socks That Rock in Blarney Stone? Please? Anyone?

I am on a mission!

Ok, back to losing more hours to Ravelry. Tonight’s watercoloring and knitting should turn out quite interesting, as I’m on a color high.

(P.S. I’ve been seeing some adorable patterns for little knit creatures/things; my mind is already spinning (haha) with ideas for combining knitting and other craft forms I like…a big ‘ole mishmash of crafty fun…could be cool, could be a train wreck…we’ll see…)

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    Bwahahaha…we’re everywhere! :lol:

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