A question for the universe

I am going to get back to substantial blogging very soon. But first I thought, hey, it’s time to change my blog theme. Yep, here we go again…I’ve bitched about this numerous times in the past, so might as well do it once more, with feeling! Why in the name of everything remotely holy are almost all free WordPress themes such shite? Seriously. Ok, ok, I can answer that one: they are free. Therefore people just hand out crap. As usual, after an hour or two of clicking through crap I consider just sucking it up and making my own theme…and then I think about how much time it takes…and I groan and think, “I can find a free one that’s not that bad.” Then I go look some more. And get frustrated again (People really want huge post titles? And all the various lines in comments and on the sidebar to all be the same size, making it all indistinguishable?). And then I start considering transferring to another blog platform just to get better templates. Then I consider buying a good theme, but realize the frequency with which I redesign my blog makes that impractical (and way too expensive). So I go looking again, as if somehow this time I’ll find a gem. And I start grumbling more. And decide to write this post.

I’m a glutton for punishment. Trying again…

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  1. I’m constantly wanting to switch my theme. Usually immediately after I create a custom header graphic for it (which I inevitably come to hate within a few hours of putting it up). Or I find a good one, but it’s not widget-ready or something.

    Someone on the Ravelry WordPress group suggested searching del.icio.us tags for “wordpress”, etc. instead of Google, as you might get more quality hits there than a general search.

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