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I hear strains of circus music…

…as I prepare for this Saturday’s Carnival Soiree at Faerie Enchantment! Whee! I’m so excited; this is my first time participating in a blog event.

Everyone here is excited, too; the Korknisse who have taken up residence in these parts are all aflutter, preparing their new colorful party clothes (what are Korknisse? Little elven beings closely related to cork, and, I suspect, loosely related some ways back to Witchlings, although I can’t yet prove it. Not sure if the Witchlings will join the fun, as they are usually somewhat private. But you never know. The Korknisse have invited the garden gnomes, too, and I think they RSVP’d yesterday). KatieKork allowed me to show you a preview of the party threads:

…and I’ve had to curtail their rompings in my makeup, since they just can’t be trusted not to put it everywhere:

I’ve told them they can visit the clown makeup tent at the party, but until then, take it easy with the facepaint!

Bast is less enthusiastic about the upcoming party…

…although she doesn’t yet know about the catnip sachet I’ll buy her…that will get her interest up, guaranteed.

Everyone is looking forward to Mermaid shows, trapeze shows, and lots of magical White Rabbit sightings, plus carnival rides and yummy junk food. I’ve promised everyone cotton candy and a visit to the fortune teller. The Korknisse want to do everything, and they said the gnomes do too, but I’ve heard grumbling from the garden. I think the gnomes aren’t quite as adventuresome and will be happy just watching the Korknisse run around.

We’ll see. ;-)

The Soiree will have all kinds of goodies, such as these mentioned on the announcement post:

“On Saturday March 14, 2009, you are invited to Alice, The Socialite’s Carnival Soiree, held at The Magic Carnival, from sunrise to sunset.

Make sure you where your Carnival best, think rainbows and pointy harlequin hats, Pageant Queen gowns, or Mermaid dress, top hats in every color and tutu’s complete with pixie wings.

What to expect:
-Carnival Tea
-Giveaways consisting of my collage cd: Circus Follies and an altered poker chip kit.
-Free Circus images/ephemera
-Carnival party pictures
-Circus projects

There is a very, very good chance that I’ll have a few little giveaways, too. Just some fun little party tokens to take with you! It’s going to be so much fun! See you there!

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  1. Oh My…I can see why you didn’t want them playing in your makeup. Love the little knitted hats.

    See you at the Carnival


  2. Cute knitted hats…I see you been to AZ, I’m from AZit’s a beautiful place…I miss it very much!

  3. I love the little knitted hats! I’ll be back to see how your day went at the carnival….

  4. Cyberdelia says:

    Oh thanks all!! :-) I am so tired from the day’s adventure that I’m putting off until tomorrow to visit everyone’s pages too. :-)

    Ann-Denise–oh my, I really fell in love with Arizona! No idea it would be so beautiful!

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