Wayward wanderings; or, how the h*ll did I do that?

So yesterday, I was on my way home from my dad’s. He lives about three hours away, south of me, near Naples. Saturday I’d put in $10 of gas into my tank, and made it just fine down to his place. Leaving it on Sunday, I stopped and put another $10 in. La la la, I began my drive home, listening to some Hay House podcasts (to keep my mind off the jerks on the road), in my own little world. After a couple of hours, I take the exit that puts me heading toward the lovely, looooong Sunshine Skyway bridge:

After passing the last exit before the toll, I happened to glance down at my dashboard.

And my gas gauge was almost on empty.


After wildly wondering for a few seconds how I had used up more gas on the way back than on the way down (it must have been a lot more expensive in Naples!), I began to panic. Then I said, no, take it easy girl, you have enough gas to get over the bridge and to the first exit. No problem.

So I went.

Tra la la, got across. Took the first exit. And suddenly was yelling, “WTH?!” all over again.

It was one of those exits where you turn here, veer there, no idea really where you are, but as it’s the first exit after a huge bridge, there’s gotta be a gas station somewhere.

This image from Google maps; I was not taking pics of this fiasco as it happened, lol

But noooooo. No gas stations (as you can see). Nothing. Nada. Just houses. I didn’t fancy the idea of knocking on doors and asking to siphon a bit of gas.

Trying not to panic too much, I said oh wait…I’d seen a sign for a street I know, if I go back to it, I can get to a gas station. So I did a U-turn, kept nervously glancing down at my glaring-orange gas light, watching the needle get closer to the bottom of the “E”…

I see the sign, turn, but think wait, this can’t be right, unless the road curves back under the overpass…

…but no, following that sign put me right smack back on the interstate that becomes the damn bridge again—i.e. no exit before the bridge!

Ok, now it’s time to panic. I AM going to run out of gas. I cannot make it across…might not even make it through the toll booths, which were backed up with tons of cars (of course). I go a little bit nuts waiting for the far right lane to creep forward.

When I get there, I beg the toll-taker to let me pull my car into the “Authorized Vehicles Only” area just past the booths, as I am literally on fumes and about to hold up the entire lane when my car stalls out. She took pity on me, thankfully, and let me pull in there…and I coasted in, got my car into a spot, and turned it off.

Breeeeathe, girl. You are ok. You are not stuck on the Sunshine Skyway, out of gas.

Luckily my roommate was home, so I called her, and after promising to buy her dinner at Chili’s, lol, she was soon on her way with gas.


Once I realized that things were ok, I just had to wait about 45 minutes for her to get there, I happened to pay attention to where I was. I looked behind me and boom! The water was right there! So I got my camera out and took a few pics:

Watching cars fly onto the causeway that becomes the bridge:

Looking behind my car…

The sun started to set:

And set some more…

Geesh. What a day/night, I tell ya. And what a dork I am for almost running out of gas…talk about being oblivious! I’ve never done that before…I guess my happy place had been a bit too happy. lol!

I’ll post some Marie-themed stuff later tonight, or save it up for tomorrow. :-)

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