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Off to the Mermaid Tea Party…

Post 1 of 3 for the Mermaid Tea Party!

So the Korknisse and I are off to the Mermaid Tea Party; Bast isn’t going…she said, “Heck no, no boats and water for me, but please do bring back any extra tuna.”

We headed out on our Magic Boat through a little inlet (pics to come of us in our Magic Boat, right now we are too busy taking pics of other things)…

Ah, the magical blues and greens of the water...it's a perfect day for visiting merfolk and sea citizens!

But once we got to sea, oh no! Pirates! We stayed back a bit to watch the show…

I must say that the music got my toes tapping and gave me the urge to do an Irish jig…not very mermaid-y of me, of course…can mermaids do jigs? I will ask when I see some.

After the fun of the pirates, we steered our Magic Boat back to the open waters…and dolphins swam with us!

Even the pictures will play dress-up for the party!

And with the blessing of the dolphins, we head out to sea, listening for the siren call of the mermaids…

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