Old Camera Project

As I was rooting through box after box of old stuff, readying for my upcoming move, I came across an old camera I last used in Ireland back in 1997. I learned back then how to use it properly, but have since forgotten. The camera has seen better days, and I’m not certain it works correctly (or at all) anymore:

The old gal…

She’s got heft, I gotta say…

The tiny battery door is held closed with tape, lol…

Here is the zoom lens…

Zooming on the zoom! With a bit of Bast butt in the background (ooh, alliteration! Go me!)…

Another shot…

I’m going to get some film, a tiny battery, and start snapping away. If it works? I’m going to re-learn how to use it and explore taking pictures with actual film. The Old Camera Project will then be to explore how not being able to see my images instantly affects how I go about taking them in the first place. I’ve gotten so used to point, shoot, look, keep/delete, point, shoot, look, and so on. But with an “old” camera, there isn’t that luxury of finding out immediately that you had stray hair or your thumb in the way.

I have this idea in my head of Mike and I prowling around with our cameras, experimenting. I think he even knows how to set up a darkroom, not that we’ll have room for that right now. Anything good that I shoot will have to be scanned, of course, because I also have ideas of ways to digiscrap what we come up with.

I’m looking forward to this!

And if the camera doesn’t work? I’ll use it as a photographic subject.

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