Every day’s a holiday on Team Jacob

Some friends and I have a TWILIGHT discussion thread going on Facebook, where we all happily cougar-roar to our heart’s content over the hunks of the movies and discuss our favorite (and not-so-favorite) parts of the books. It’s tons of fun. Thanks to that thread, it’s common knowledge that I’m a *huge* Jacob fan. Not just of Taylor Lautner, who is obviously delish (young age be damned!), but of the character of Jacob. Love ‘im.

Anyway, I have friends who like to pull silly jokes, and a couple of days ago I received this in the mail:


Now, I was expecting a package I’d ordered off of eBay—those squishy-rubber iPod covers (in five different colors), and I thought that’s what this was. A nice, plain package in the right size, and squishy enough to be the covers. The “Jacob” return address made me laugh, thinking, wow, I’ve got Jacob on the brain so much that these iPod covers off eBay even come from some bloke named Jacob! Haha, how funny!

Then I opened it:


Now, WTF?? I looked at the package again. Postmark says nothing. Back was blank. No identifying anything on it.

Inside that white note was a plastic-wrapped black something-or-other. So I opened it to find…



I started laughing so hard I was in tears! I scoured the entire package again, and it simply had no identifying marks at all. But I suspect a certain person whose name begins with C and ends with oh-no-you-didn!

Right now the lovely bag is hanging in my room very poster-like. *grin*

Fantasic gag, girl. Seriously. I’m still giggling!

And today on Facebook, a friend who is visiting Forks and other Washington points of interest posted that she’d seen “Essence of Edward” body spray in a gift shop. I just had to Google it. Sure enough, I found an Etsy seller selling not only essence of Edward, but…you guessed it, essence of Jacob!

What good is a Jacob carry-bag without some Jacob-themed goodies to go in it?

So I immediately purchased Jacob “chocolate heat” lip balm…


…and Jacob “woods earth” body spray:


Life is Jacob-y good.

UPDATE: It was Laura!! Thank you for the yummygoodness, sweetie!! Or as Anne said, thanks for Jacob’s sack…*snicker!*

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  1. I want to get a Jacob bag too. I adore him. Can’t wait for New Moon.

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