Lip balms & protest

Well, not together, lol.

Well, maybe!

I’m still trying to sort the final touches of my online lip balm store; I’ve got two different shopping cart solutions installed and I literally keep going back and forth as to which I plan to use. I really, really want to use the one run with WordPress, because there are *so* many important pluses with it, but the minuses are annoying enough to make me sometimes go back to the Zen Cart install. But trying to do certain things with ZC is next to impossible, and I get so frustrated that I go back to WP. Gah. Hopefully today I’ll make the final call.

And in “protest” news…screw Summitt Entertainment and their decision to recast the part of Victoria in ECLIPSE (third TWILIGHT movie). Rachel Lefevre is such a perfect Victoria that their boneheaded move of replacing her – without even telling her first apparently – just smacks of nepotism considering who they replaced her with: Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter of Ron Howard). Ugh. I’m kidding with the nepotism comment, because obviously I have no idea of what really went down, but I just personally can’t stand Howard. I loathed her and her character in TERMINATOR: SALVATION (I posted a long review on GGR), and I shudder to think what she’ll do with Victoria. Blah. Even though this kind of stuff is part of Hollywood, it still makes me gnash my teeth.

One of my other Twilight-loving friends has staged a “protest” with her Traveling Edward, and posted it to our Sisterhood of the Traveling Vamps blog, hehe. Check him out:

Pic by Anne...Traveling Edward say bring back Lefevre!
Pic by Anne...Traveling Edward says bring back Lefevre!

I’m going to do the same once I get my hands on a plastic Edward. In the meantime, at the start of this post I mentioned that maybe the lip balms & protest could go together…perhaps I’ll have to think up a lip balm & call it “Rachel=Victoria” or something silly like that in honor of the real Victoria. ;-)  (Yeah, I’m nutso enough to be Just That Silly.)

Back to code wrestling!

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