I’m becoming as bad as the rest. And I’m ok with that.

The more I see of New Moon clips, the more I think I’m going to simply implode into my chair in the cinema. Although I’ll be imploding for reasons other than the rest of the girls & women there…I am such a wolf fan, such a Jacob fan, that not only are his scenes going to be beautiful, but they are going to break my heart! I’ll  be weeping by the end of the dern movie and it won’t be because of Bella & Edward…it’ll be because of poor Jake! *sniff, sniff*

I know I am a minority here. I know that almost everyone is very happy for B & E to get back together, and I get it that they’re soul mates. I get it. But Jacob is the kind of guy I’d choose…and he deserves more than he ends up with in the series. *sniff, sniff*

You know what’s funny? When I read the books or watch the movie, Twilight takes me back to when I was 18 and in love, and I can remember it all so clearly, the insane highs & lows of that experience. But I would not want to be 18 again. Hell. No. Just bring Jacob forward in time, please, to my now. Is that so much to ask? (Heh. Hehehe.)

Oh wait. I think one exists. His name is Gil (Billy Black)…



Ok, ok, I’ll stop. Here’s the vid that inspired this post, complete with some Jacob & pack scenes I’d not seen yet, and including one particular kitchen scene with Jake that is hands-down MY favorite part of the movie so far.


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