This is not mine, but imagine having such a cake! I couldn't eat it--it's too pretty!
This is not mine, but imagine having such a cake! I couldn't eat it--it's too pretty!

Yaaaaay! Roomie made yummy chocolate cupcakes last night, I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, later on I’m meeting up with some great friends at a Mexican restaurant, and at least one of the friends is coming back here to crash tonight and we’re having a “non-slumber” party! Wheee!

Yes, my tummy will be furious at me for days. But that’s ok. :-D

As for pressies, two of my Amazon freebies arrived already: Beetlejuice on DVD (FINALLY! I’ve loved this movie for ages and never had a copy! Crazy!) and a novel called Witchling by a fav pagan author. Arriving later today is a shiny new copy of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Another classic I’m soooo excited to finally have.

(How are they free? I had a gift certificate from another site, and I’m saying that my mom orchestrated it so they’re pressies from her. ;) )

And my adorable witch charm (previous post) will be here tomorrow! Yaay! :)

I think I might order one of these prints from the wonderful Vanessa…this is just too adorable and fits my birthday mood:


You can pick one up at her Etsy store.

I have been taking pics of everything since last night, and will do “recap” of the day in pictures (maybe tomorrow?). I’m also planning to digiscrap them all. I will say that the Korknisse will be included in the pictures…they can’t resist a party, you know.

Oh—and then this weekend, I’m off to the Ultimate Horror Weekend, where I get to see Jake Busey (from Starship Troopers, among other things) and Shannen Doherty & Brian Krause (of Charmed). Quite a few others, but those are the ones I’m looking forward to. Plus bands and parties and the usual con stuff, oh my! I’ll be taking as many pics as I can get away with, lol.

Off to continue my sugar high, watch Beetlejuice, and play with various art projects all day until it’s time to go eat real food!

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