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Halloween blog party! A Hauntingly Magical Celebration

This post is for the blog party “A Hauntingly Magical Celebration
hosted by the wonderful Vanessa of  A Fanciful Twist

Once upon a time, a wind blew in from over the ocean, carried on moonlight, whispering through the streets of a normal neighborhood, and winding around the only un-normal house that sat oh so normally in the normal neighborhood. What made it un-normal was that it could sometimes be a portal, or have many different portals, all depending on the time of night and the tilt of a cat’s head. There were also creatures that dwelled within, mystical creatures that knew of magic and incantations and how to open at least 17 of the portals (except on Tuesday—the portals never opened on a Tuesday). Now on this night of which we inquire, inside the un-normal house, magic was brewing and ghosts were stirring…it was after midnight…about the time when things go bump in the dark…


Four little fiber & cork beings, a race known around these parts as the Korknisse, gathered in a room, lit candles, and poured water into a cauldron…


They chanted & sang, and the water became not just water, but one of those special portals to other worlds and dimensions… (it wasn’t a Tuesday, of course)…


…and with a sharp CRACK!, thunder boomed outside, the little beings jumped, and suddenly, they were not alone in the room…

They were suddenly in the presence of a Wise One!


She promptly fixed their spellwork, just to make sure vampires and the really creepy crawly things didn’t come to visit too…


In awe yet gleeful, the Korknisse greeted her warmly, and she returned the greetings, happy to have them in her world.

She asked what brought them to her realm on this windy, blustery night. They all talked over each other, until she calmed them, and then each piped up: “A story!” “Yes please, do tell one!” “We need a new tale!” “Please, please tell a story!”

The Wise One considered, and then nodded.

“Ok, we have time for a story, and then we celebrate your visit, yes?”

“Yes, yes, perfect!” they squealed.

She offered them pillows to get comfy on, which they settled onto quickly. The Wise One then seated herself, and began to spin her tale…

“It was a night very much like this one, when for little creatures decided to wander away from home. They didn’t know where they were going, but trusted that they could find a fun place to go. Over the hills and dales they went, hither and yon, across rivers and streams. Finally, they happened upon a very, very large tree, one that seemed more alive than the other trees. Fascinated, they stopped, and stared at the tree.

“The tree, sensing them, opened its door. Not expecting this, the beings almost ran away. But the tree beckoned them to enter, and figuring this was their best chance at some forbidden fun, they entered.

“Down a winding dirt path they went until they came to a table laden with all sorts of strange things. They looked around, and there was no where else to go. They decided to leave, but all of a sudden, there was no exit! They were trapped!”

The beings listening gasped in unison. “Oh no, trapped!”

“Indeed,” the Wise One said gravely. “And as they huddled there, the light that had shone from somewhere suddenly went out. Total blackness!”

Another group gasp!

“And then, a faint, pale light began to glow from the other side of the tiny room…the little creatures pressed themselves against the side, squealing in fright. The light got brighter, and soon was the figure of a woman, with long flowing silver hair, and robes that moved in a breeze they didn’t feel…

“They gaped at her…and when she looked at them, her eyes glowed red, and flashed!”

“Eeeeek!” the beings squealed.

“Indeed! But when the woman saw they they meant her no harm, her eyes stopped glowing, and she then smiled at them. They were still scared, so she offered them food and drink from all the things on the table. They did not believe it, but looked, and sure enough, there sat various biscuits and drinks. She told them that if they each made a wish as they ate & drank, their wish would come true.

“Three of the little creatures then got excited, but the fourth didn’t…he thought he saw a reflection of red eyes in one of the glasses, but when he looked at her again, the pale, see-through woman was still smiling. The others each went to the table, took bites & drank some liquids, muttering to themselves as they did so, making their wishes. The fourth would not, saying he had all he wanted already.

“The pale woman gazed at him longer than the rest. ‘You deny my gift?’ she asked sweetly, but with a way to her voice that made the fourth nervous. ‘No,’ said he, ‘I am merely content with my lot. I don’t need a wish.’

“The pale woman gazed at him some more. ‘I see. If it truly be so, you are indeed blessed. If it not be so, be careful, for to deny my gift is to incur a curse that will haunt you the rest of your days.’

“The fourth now positively shivered in his fear, and he refused to go near the table. The others were looking radiant and content, and the fourth wondered what they had wished for. But suddenly a wind sprang up from nowhere, and the woman rose up, calling to them, ‘Be well, my children…I will see you soon…’ and she floated up and then faded away. But before she was completely gone, the fourth saw those scary red eyes again…glowing for just a moment…and he shivered…

…and suddenly, they were home! Somehow, she had transported them home! They looked around, surprised, but then laughed, thinking it a grand adventure. They stayed up quite late that night, talking about what they had seen and wished for, except for the fourth creature, who was hoping he wasn’t cursed.”

The Wise One fell silent, a slight smile playing around her lips, looking at the little beings expectantly.

The Korknisse looked at each other, then at the Wise One. “Well, was he? Was he cursed? And why did she curse him?”

The Wise One smiled a wise, old smile. “Oh, my dears, that is for you to ponder. I do not give away all secrets. But I will say this…after they returned home, they had quite a party!”

At this the Korknisse cheered! It was time for food & fun!

They followed the Wise One to her great room, where they explored and saw many fascinating things, like jars of strange ingredients, bottles of unknown liquids, and cabinets of wonders…


The smallest cabinet was fascinating…they wanted to know what was in it. The Wise One agreed to open it…


And inside…little skulls!


But not just any skulls…little enchanted skulls! And they started to chase the Korknisse!


After they got a safe distance away, the Korknisse laughed and laughed over this, thinking it great fun!

But then they were definitely hungry, and so the Wise One left the room and then returned, offering some delicacies…


The Korknisse cheered, until the Wise One began adding something to the little cake…


The Wise One said, “Eat, eat! I only make it sweeter for you!” After the tale they’d just heard, they were a little skeptical, but the Wise One insisted, and the food did look good.

This storyteller thinks it did indeed seem a delicious treat…


The Korknisse accepted the plate, but were thirsty, too. The Wise One sensed this, so she went to pour libations. She returned with a special drink for her guests…


Now that drink did look a bit too red, and after she’d said she’d sealed off the portal from vampires, they wondered just what this drink was. But they were also quite thirsty, and she insisted, and strains of music from an old record player had begun to waft into the room…so they said hey, what the heck. Let’s party!

And they ate and drank (except for one!) and danced among all the strange and wonderful things, having lots of fun and laughing almost non-stop.

The Wise One even poured herself a drink (that smoked ever so slightly) so that she could join them…


…and then more fun and dancing ensued.

But you know what? One time when the Wise One sipped from her glass, the Korknisse who had not eaten or drank swore he saw a reflection in her glass…a flash of two red points…there but then gone…could they have been…HER EYES?

Too soon the party had to end. The Wise One promised to allow them to visit again, and next time, said she, they could visit her properly…in her tree!

As the Korknisse gasped, she was gone in a blink and they were back in the un-normal house, which now seemed very normal after a visit with the Wise One. They looked at each other, wondering what had just happened, but then laughed, having greatly enjoyed the party. But all night long, and for many nights after, the one Korknisse who had not eaten or drank would lay awake, pondering the story…and sometimes, when the wind blew in from over the ocean, carried on moonlight, he thought he heard a whisper of wishes…and he wondered about a curse…

CREDITS: Story & pics by me; digiscrap elements are from the wonderful kits “All Hallow’s Eve” by Holliewood Studios, “Take Me to the Old World” by Lily Designs, and “A Secret Garden” by SussieM Designs.

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  1. Such an enchanting story, and your knitted wee ones are pure genius! Oh I LoVe! Beautiful photos too…a very enjoyable party indeed.
    Do stop by my party and join Alice and Dead Bob. If you dare! **kisskiss** Deborah

  2. What a wonderful story and a fabulous party!! Thank you so much for having me. Come to my party if you will? There is plenty of room!

  3. Really great party!! Very well done!
    Thank you for having me!!

  4. Oh wonderful party – so much fun!! Thank you for having me!! Fly by mine if you can!! Happy Halloween, Sarah

  5. Ahhh, I love a good storyteller, and you spin a delightful yarn, with ghoulishly delightful eye candy too. I really enjoyed your post, I think that Vanessa seems to attract those of that love a good story.
    Happy Halloween!

  6. What a story! And those black frames are fabulous…point your broom over to my place for more treats…

  7. Your blog is lovely. Your photos are just beautiful, especially the black frame. I have enjoyed my visit and your wonderful story. Happy Halloween !!!

  8. What a fun spooky story and I really love your pictures!

    Thank you for visiting my party too!

    Wishing you a wonderful evening!


  9. Penny Plum says:

    Oh wow! Fantastically frighting tale. I enjoyed it immensly. And your picture are great.
    Got to Fly. Hope your Halloween is Spooktackular.
    Hugs, Penny

  10. wicked pictues! I loved them! I used to do pixel art- so this brings me back! I recognize some of the artists! :O)
    I flew in from Vanessa’s Magical Party!
    I enjoyed my visit! <{:O)
    Be Enchanted!

  11. What a magical story!! I’m having soooooooo much fun blog hopping….Happy Halloween!!

    ~ Carolee

  12. Great post and lovely pictures! I love your pixels too…I do pixels although none of them are on my blog!

    Happy Halloween, Kelly

  13. Thanks for inviting me over to your perfectly spooky party. I’ve enjoyed your wonderful food and drinks. Sorry I’m late, I was busy hosting my own…hope I’m not too late!

  14. Sea Witch says:

    Hello Cyberdelia: thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. Loving this story, especially the enchanged skulls pic. Sea Witch

  15. Hi, Wonderful Halloween post! Great Halloween decorations! Happy Halloween to you!

  16. Great stirt, love the black frames. I had a great time!!

  17. Fanatstic story – great party!
    October blessings and belated birthday wishes!

  18. A haunting tale! I loved your beautiful spooky pictures. Your party was a pure delight. Thank you for inviting me. Happy Halloween! Twyla

  19. Super DUPER fabulous!!! How hauntigly magical and I love the framed shots for certain!!

    Thank you for being a delightful part of the festivities!!

  20. Thanks for coming by my party for a visit. I just love the Day of the Dead Skeleton girl. Your graphics are awesome too.

    Happy Halloween!!

  21. Sorry about my last post. I am half asleep and put the Day of the Dead skeleton girl who was on the last blog I looked at. I really do love your graphics and the wee people were so cute and using the black frames made it spooktacular!!

  22. I like your little cork people. They rock and they seem to have such good times too. That was a fun story.

  23. What great party,very fun!!!!
    Happy Halloween!

  24. Great story and pics;) Luv the lil’ fiber and cork beings!

  25. A bewitching Halloween tale. I am in love with the black frames!! Super cool. all of it!! Suzy

  26. I wonder if my house is one of those un-normal houses in a normal neighborhood? Although I think around here it’s Saturday that the portals are down.

  27. Well, I was enthralled by that enchanting (and a bit scary) tale! Wonderful writing! I loved it! Happy Haunting to you. Yes, I’m a bit late from Vanessa’s party or….your could say I’m early for Cassandra’s–either way, I’m glad I visited.

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