New goodies up on Geek Bliss!

In between making some really cool digital ATCs and other artsy projects for Cassandra’s Halloween Masquerade blog party tomorrow, I finally finished putting more lip balms up into the Geek Bliss Etsy store…

ikac_2Yep, the Twilight-themed balms are ready to go! And in plenty of time for New Moon, lol! “I Kissed A Cullen” is creme de menthe flavor. ;)

And then of course there is…

ikaw_2As someone who is firmly Team Jacob, lol, this is one of my favorite balms! “I Kissed a Werewolf” is brown sugar spice flavor…mmmm.

I also added…

iam_2(“I’m a Mac” lip balm, sugar sweet flavor)


iap_2(“I’m a PC” balm, peppermint flavor)


t_2(“Technophile” lip balm, buttercream flavor)


It’s amazing how long it takes me to take pictures of lip balms. Seriously, I must take 50 of each to get decent shots, and sometimes even then I don’t get decent ones but get tired of trying, lol! That’s something I never thought about when I started making these little guys…how hard they are to photograph for Etsy!

I still have a few more flavors to prep and put online, so more balm photography coming soon. I’m also hoping to have the first couple of candles and body balms up within a week or so…trying to get as much product up as I can in time for holiday shopping.

(Lip balms make great stocking stuffers…just sayin’. :-D )

Ok, it’s now time to dig into more fun Halloween masquerade preparations…wheee!


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