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A Halloween Masquerade blog party!

We’re late! We’re late! For a very important date–Cassandra’s wonderful Halloween Masquerade blog party! But we’ve finally arrived, panting and out of breath! Without further ado…

Oh goodness, the Korknisse are beside themselves with glee. They just got to have a Halloween adventure last weekend, and now we all get to go to a Masquerade party! Wheeee!

We put on our masquerade best, got out our bag of magic:


What’s that? The bag looks like Mary Poppins’ bag? Well, perhaps it does, perhaps it does…

*rummaging deep in bag*

A-ha! Found it!


A skeleton key, just what we need to get to the party. Let’s go!

We head outside to the side of the house (this is where the particular party portal is located, you see), and look for the portal.


See that little smudge, just there, that seems to go away if you look too hard? Just glance…there it is, see? That’s the portal. You know, one of those portals, one that doesn’t open on Tuesday. But it’s Saturday, so we are good to go!

I put the key in the magic keyhole…


we open the door, and voila! The enchanted masquerade!


Wow, lots of people (and non-people) are about. We realize that this is just one room of many…and each room has differently dressed people, and lots have their masks off already! What’s with that? Oh well, there is so much eye candy!

The Korknisse are just sooo excited and run off to dance right away:


I let them go have fun while I wander to take in the sights!

I first find a funky little dining room serving food, which is good, because I’m hungry! There are already people seated, but perhaps they’ll skootch over and make a space for me. But wait, I hear music starting…

Oh, well, maybe I’ll wait a bit to eat…

I move to another room, and look at some of the interesting art…

I very much like the style here! Looks vaguely like my own…maybe I better check when I get home.

The next room I wander into is fairly dark but full of people who’d been dancing. There is a lull in the music, and suddenly a couple moves into the spotlight…you can tell there is something special about these two…we stand back to let them have the floor:

Hey wait a second. That guy looks like…is it…Count Dracula?! Cool!

Everyone’s moving back to the dance floor now, and I do love the nightlife. I feel the need to start dancing. you are welcome to stay, if you like! The party will be going all day and long into the night. Now I must excuse myself…a tall, dark, impeccably-dressed gentleman has just asked me to dance…he’s a bit pale, but I don’t mind…


And as we move onto the dance floor, I spy the Korknisse over in a corner, still dancing, but now with friends! It’s the little enchanted skulls from last weekend’s party! What fun!

Happy partying! See you back on the other side of the portal!

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  1. What a fab party! I LOVE THE PORTAL! I need one of those lol. Thanks so much for joining the party!

    Happy Haunting!

  2. Heyyy- Great to see you again :O)
    I loved your post :)
    Flying around and visiting Cassie’s party goers! Fabulous place you have! I enjoyed my visit!
    Be Enchanted!

    Opal Moon Enchantments

  3. WOW! You certainly know how to throw a party! What fun I had just looking around.

  4. What a magical party! I love the secret portal and the dancers all looked marvelous. Thank you for the wonderful time!

  5. What a lovely post and your art work is beautiful. I have really enjoyed my visit – Happy Halloween to you !!!

  6. Where on earth did you get such a perfect bag? I love it and want one!

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