Wishcasting Wednesday ~ October 28, 2009


Today Jamie asks: What treat do you wish for?

Ok, this one is a bit harder for me than last week. Last week was super easy and the answer came to me in a mere moment. This one, however…


I wish for a lot of things. A lot. Big things (my own house), fairly big things (a DSLR camera, big flatscreen tv & blu-ray player, car fixed with a couple bells & whistles for fun), and tons of smaller things (a crafty want list that’s a mile long, books, Etsy goodies, etc)…but I don’t feel that’s the essence of this Wishcast, at least not for me.

I really want to write & do art as a full-time career, but I have so many ideas in my head relating to art that when I sit down and try to create, all of a sudden I have no idea what I’m going to make. Poof! All ideas gone. Then I start brainstorming again, and ideas flood in…but when I try to nail them down, they are like fairies, only seen halfway through the corner of my eye, darting in and out with laughter and not staying long enough to chat.

Or I come up with specific ideas that are so grand that I just can’t afford to do them (such as my storybook idea that would require convincing an illustrator to let me use her work—fees I can’t imagine—printing the book and then marketing it. I love page layout & design & marketing, so the work of this idea is no work at all…but the costs involved in licensing, printing, and marketing are just competely out of my reach right now.)

I’d love to come up with a list of definitive art projects to make that really thrill me and are easily doable on my currently extremely limited budget. Sort of like “starter” things that would give me a place to launch from.

There we go: I wish for the treat of concrete art project ideas.

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  1. I struggle with the same sort of All-Over-The-Place-ness, so I know what you mean in regards to doing art full time. Have you ever read Barbara Sher’s “Refuse to Choose”? Great book about idea-makers like us!

    As Sara wishes for herself, so do I wish also.

  2. As Sara wishes for herself, I wish for her also.

    I know exactly what you’re struggling with – so many ideas that you don’t know where to begin….that you don’t. I’ve been struggling with that for some time. I think I might almost be about to overcome that.

  3. As Cyberdelia wishes for herself, so I wish for her also. I certainly can relate with the all-over-the-placeness! I’ve got things printed out, with my notes on what I want to do, all over the place; but actually sitting down and being able to work on one? Not yet!

  4. Wow, can I ever feel for you!

    As Sara wishes for herself, so do I also wish for her with all my heart!


  5. As Sarah wishes for herself, I wish for her also! And really, so do I! This is what I am creating to in my my life. Not easy but worth every bit of effort.

  6. As Sarah wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  7. As set in stone and as concretely as I can make this wish so that you see the real of your list…

    As Sarah wishes for herself, so I lovingly and with intention wish for her, also!

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