Free Keep Calm Printables, the Mermaid Edition


In keeping with my post a couple of days ago about my new mermaid fascination, I went and made myself some mermaid-y “Keep Calm” printables to have on my desk, nice little 3″ x 5″ sizes to fit into the frames I have.

Then I decided to bundle them up & offer them for free in the Moonsteam Design Studio shop, along with the other two Keep Calms already there.

Yes, I’m a Keep Calm nut and like to Keep Calm about random things.

Hey, if something works, why question it?

Then I decided to offer them here in an easy-peasy download for you.

They read:

“Keep Calm and Mermaid On”
“Keep Calm and Just Keep Swimming”
“Keep Calm and Don Your Tail”

I’m on a roll!

Grab them here: Keep Calm Printables - Mermaid Edition

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