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It’s Mad Tea Party time!

Look at that, look at that…it’s time for a (mad) tea party!

Photo Jul 12, 11 08 41 PM

The little golden glitter bird said so.

The Korknisse said hey, I don’t see a tea set, or anything tea-like…

and POOF!

Photo Jul 12, 11 09 05 PM

A candle appeared! Perhaps to light the way to the tea?

The Korknisse squealed with excitement and gathered round…

Photo Jul 12, 11 09 27 PM

Waiting with baited breath for what was to come…

and POOF! A tea cup!

Photo Jul 12, 11 35 52 PM (1)

The Korknisse squealed again, beyond excited now. They jumped right in!

Photo Jul 12, 11 09 57 PM

Because, naturally, a tea cup means “jump inside it,” not “fill it with tea.”

“But this is a MAD tea party,” Callie Kornisse said from within the teacup, rolling her cork eyes, as if I should know better.

Which of course I should. She’s right! This is a mad tea party. So things rarely work the way they do in non-mad circumstances.

I’m duly chastized, and ready to see where the mad tea cup is going to take us. I pick up the magic candle…

Photo Jul 12, 11 35 22 PM (1)

And we’re off!

At first, we can’t see much, because it’s dark and spooky…we know we’re traveling, but we can’t tell where we’re going…

And then all of a sudden,


(Who’s doing all this “poof”ing, anyway?!)

We arrive on a hillside, somewhere…

…I think it’s…it’s…is that a CASTLE? Could it be…CAMELOT???


Hmmm…which castle could it be? And is it a MAD castle??

Oh my oh my oh my! That is surely the maddest castle ever! The Korknisse are laughing and dancing and clapping. They say no, we can’t leave even if it IS a silly place! That’s why we want to stay!

“We want to see them impersonate Clark Gable!” they all say in unison.

(I’d like to see that, myself.)

But alas, the knights have ridden on, and so the magic tea cup pulls us all back in, off to another mad destination…

…we whiz through the darkness again…

and end up…

…in the desert?!

Military guys! HOORAY!! Me & the Korknisse love our soldiers. And these aren’t just any soldiers…they’re…they’re…

…why, they’re DANCING! A bit madly, it seems!

Hahahahaha! That was great!! We all love that song, and we love the guys for making some mad fun in their stressful days!

The Korknisse enjoyed it so much that they wanted to do their own video, but I said no no no, that would take much too long, and we have just enough time for one more stop on our mad journey. So the Korknisse, a bit disappointed, bid farewell to the mad dancers in the desert and climbed back into our magic tea cup…

…and we whizzed once more through the magic darkness…

…and emerged…

onto a city street.

Ok, this mad tea cup is just flying us EVERYWHERE!

So we’re looking around, wondering what in the heck…then a guy starts setting up chairs…and lo an behold…

How perfectly mad and wonderful!! An air orchestra!!

That’s it. I’m going to go play my air violin when I get back home!!

The Korknisse are simply mad with glee and playing their air instruments to a very out-of-tune rendition of “Call Me Maybe” while also singing parts of the Camelot song. Oh my ears, my ears! It’s a completely MAD mix!!

But sadly, we need to wrap it up. So I herd them all back into the tea cup (sans candle, which has long since burned down, since we’ve been gone so long!)…we whiz through the darkness again (although with gales of laughter and singing and air-playing)

…and we arrive back home.

What a wild & MAD ride we had! But oh so much fun!

I needed that, did you?!

The Korknisse surely did. We’ve not taken a mad trip around here for a few years. It’s good to be letting our silliness loose again!

And speaking of letting silliness loose…

The Kornisse wanted to leave you with some parting fun…


And we bid you adieu…we hope you enjoyed our wee MAD journey during this fabulous party!

A big THANK YOU  to Vanessa for hosting this silly soiree! We love it & can’t wait for the next one!

Until then…may all your tea cups be magic & take you random silly places! :)

Much love,
Sara & the Korknisse

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  1. Thank you for a lovely tea party, it was simply MagIcAl! Enjoy the party. LOVE, love, love the videos. Oh so much fun!

  2. :D I enjoyed this post, especially the videos. Who wouldn’t want to be in an air orchestra? LOVE that!

    Cute post!

    Happy Mad Tea Party!
    Please stop by and visit my party!
    Ricki Jill

  3. Poof, I enjoyed the tea party and your adventure with words.

  4. that was so MAD! i loved it! thanks for such a fun party!

  5. Lovely tea and who doesn’t enjoy a nice hot cup while you have two empty halfs of coconut and you’re banging them together! Twas a silly tea and most excellent! :-)

    ~ Deb

  6. Here’s my number, so call me crazzzzzzzy!!!


    Yes! eight six seven five, threee OH niyyyeeeeeeniiiine!

    I was fading, but you woke me right up!! WOWIE ZOWIE!!

    I am not boy crazy, but those military boys.

    I just couldn’t choose!! All lovely, thank you very much ;)

    Hahaha! You are awesome!

    Thank you so much for being a part of the Mad Tea Party ♥

  7. What a fun party! I loved the videos-espeically the soldiers-brilliant! :)

  8. I’ve missed the Korknisse! So glad they’re back and up to all their MAD shenanigans! <3

  9. What a fun Mad Tea Party! Thank you so much for having me, happy Mad Tea Party!

    Please do come visit my 2 interwoven fairytale inspired stories-

    1. The White Queen as she prepares her Mad Tea Party for her eleven dancing sisters in:

    2. The dancing princesses dancing their way all over the land to reach her Mad Tea Party:

    I look forward to serving you a rose macaron or two at my tea party!

  10. I am in love with Korknisse! I think they may have stopped here – I have some of those star covered dishes. And while I tried to follow the knights they do ride so quickly and in strange ways.

    That is my favorite version of the Call Me video!

    I hope we get to party again soon.

  11. Heh! This was wonderful! Alice with Monty Python? Perfect! And the Air Orchestra was such a fun, heartwarming thing to see. Thank you for inviting me!

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