Accidental flower whisperer

So several months ago, I bought two celosias. They were slightly scraggly, but I repotted them into one large pot & hoped for the best. They didn’t do very well…and one of them died. So I said well, ok, they didn’t look totally healthy when I bought them, and perhaps I’m not that good at growing celosias. I’ll replace them with something else.

And then…


Little celosias started growing.

And one of them became…


Living in harmony with this little creeper…


I’ve enjoyed how this celosia has exploded in colorful glory & have Instagram’d it a few times…






I’ve not done one thing other than water it. Well, and perhaps talk to it here & there… ;)

It just keeps growing, and the smaller ones are happily bursting upwards as well.

However, it IS December. Even here in Florida, we’re going to start getting cold snaps. I’ve already covered it for one cold night, and the leaves show some cold damage, so I’m not sure how much longer this trooper will hold on. But I’ll keep snapping pics of it…The Largest Celosia Ever In The History Of Celosias.

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