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A Korknisse conundrum

So I’ve made “Korknisse” for years and have featured the little scamps in various whimsical posts here on the blog. And I always called them “Korknisse” because, well, that’s what the pattern said they were called.

In all the years I’ve had them, I never looked up the meaning of the name until recently.

“Korknisse” means “cork Santa.”


So I’ve been sending “cork Santas,” that look nothing like any Santa ever, on various madcap adventures & letting them attend all kinds of silly parties. Heh.




Lately I’ve been wanting to make new Korknisse, knit them some new outfits, and send them on more crazy adventures. But now that I know I’m calling them “cork Santas,” I really, really want to give them a new name. Because while “Korknisse”  as I pronounce it, “kork-niece,” sounds whimsical and fun, “cork Santa” does NOT. At least not during non-Christmas months.

But I have no idea what to call them!

Perhaps I should just ask them directly…?

We’ll see where this leads.

Pondering new silly-cork-creature names,

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