I’m late to the MacKenzie-Childs party, but catching up will be fun

I regularly hunt around online for inspirational images & artists; inspirational as in “make me want to burst from all the ideas now jumping around in my head.” But sometimes I find a juicy site by accident (although I don’t believe in accidents), and then I follow it down the rabbit hole, clicking links & roaming around. Once I get going, I often end up finding lots & lots of good stuff. It happened yesterday, and I discovered a whole new “dangerous” obsession…dangerous as in, “there goes all my mad money for the foreseeable future.”

Have you heard of Mackenzie-Childs? Probably. Apparently they’ve been around, and popular, for ages. I’ve never heard of them or come across them until yesterday, oddly! But within the space of about twenty seconds, I became an instant, raving fan. I want everything on their site!

Such as…







I’m just swooning over all of it! All pics are from their website & their online catalog…both of which are very difficult to extract myself from! I’ve already signed up for both mailing lists & eagerly await my own copy of the catalog. I really, really want that Alice in Wonderland…uh, I mean “Courtly Check”…kettle. I’m already planning a Wonderland tea around it! Then I plan to get a bunch of the Courtly Check items…a few floral plates…those tassels!…a vase or two…and if I can fit it into my budget, those hanging lights are just beyond beautiful & one would go perfectly over my desk. They’re the perfect mix of whimsy. Love, love, love!

As Sherlock says, “The game…is on!”

I think I’ll start a MacKenzie-Child savings jar…start collecting my pennies…

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