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Portal season is almost here…

While magic portals do open regularly, if you know how to look, there’s a special time of year when they’re opening all the time, willy-nilly, and you have to really be careful lest you fall into one unawares.

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. I heard a tale once of a young girl who fell into one by accident & had wonderful adventures.

But those kind of things can really interfere with your day, and when you have a lot of work to get done, well, you need to work, not fall into portals or down rabbit holes or drink any magic potions or anything of that sort.

And this isn’t helping any…the scamps found some magic potion:


I confiscated it quickly…that’s powerful stuff! It’s not time yet for summoning otherworldly beings or getting larger or smaller or whatever it is that that potion might do. No idea where that potion came from, either, but I suspect it was left here by some denizen of a portal-land who is feeling impish & wants company.

I’m happy to oblige, just not at this moment, since I’ve got work to do.

As I mentioned way back here, the tilt of a cat’s head is often an indicator of portals, if you know how to read a tilt in the proper way. I’ve become very proficient in reading tilts so I can sidestep portals when I need to be working (or so I can go looking for them, when I’ve got some free time).

And go looking for them I shall…very soon…veeeeeery soon…because it’s That Time of Year.

Time to find portals & have adventures. How do I know?

Well, other than what my tilt-reading is telling me, and the faint whisperings on the wind…why, today there was a major announcement of a VERY big portal that shall open on October 25!


It’s like the biggest portal party ever.

And its announcement is always one of the big clues that portals are stirring & magic is afoot.

The otherwordly beings are beginning to stir, and the veil between portals is thinning…each night I hear the whisperings a bit more clearly, about adventures to be had and stories wanting to be told…

…a wind blew in from over the ocean, carried on moonlight, whispering through the streets of a normal neighborhood, and winding around the only un-normal house that sat oh so normally in the normal neighborhood. What made it un-normal was that it could sometimes be a portal, or have many different portals, all depending on the time of night and the tilt of a cat’s head. There were also creatures that dwelled within, mystical cork & fiber creatures that knew of magic and incantations and how to open at least 17 of the portals (except on Tuesday—the portals never opened on a Tuesday)…

Ooooh I wish I didn’t have to work right now, because I really want to go find a portal & have an adventure!

Alas, duty calls.

And while the big portal party is, well, big…it’s merely one of many. The Korknisse are ready for all kinds of wacky adventures this year, and they certainly won’t wait until October 25 (or the 31st). They want to party now.

Ok, guys, let me get my work done, and then let’s see what shenanigans we can get up to…

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