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Say hello to my little friends: The Kork-Knees!


Ok, they’re not new. These wacky beings have been around this blog for years now. But as of today, they officially have a new name: The Kork-Knees!


Well, as I mentioned in this post, I always pronounced their original name, Korknisse, as “cork-neeze,” and I have no idea if that’s even remotely close to the correct pronunciation. It probably isn’t. But in my head, these little creatures have always been the “kork-neeze”…which, of course, is the Kork-Knees.

And since they have no knees, it’s all the more silly. And silly = fun! :D

So the Kork-Knees they henceforth shall be.

(Just in time for this weekend’s Halloween blog party!)

So as a little reference guide, here’s the basic info about the little goofballs, as I know it so far:

What are they?

The Kork-Knees are little fiber & cork beings who hail from another realm. They came through one of the portals, but exactly which one and when it happened is information shrouded in yarn-haze.

What do they do?

They get up to hijinks, that’s what. They are constantly after me to take them through magic portals, and sometimes I do. Other times I’m just too busy, so they go off through portals on their own & I don’t see them for days or weeks.

What happens when they go through portals? Who knows…but they do always come back. They like it here. :)

Will there be more of them?

Yes. Bwahahah—ahem.


I’ll plan to update this post as time goes by with more info on the Kork-Knees as it becomes known to me. ;)

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