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Through the Spooky Party Portal: Halloween Blog Party 2014!

It’s time! It’s time! It’s time for the annual Halloween Party hosted by A Fanciful Twist!


Me and the Kork-Knees are ever so excited…the Kork-Knees have been bouncing around the house all week, clamoring to party. They’ve been waiting for the portal to open; they actually went through one a few days ago & returned a bit grumpy…they wouldn’t tell me what happened, and I’ve learned that it’s best not to ask.

But this morning…the day before the party, when they knew the portal would open today…they started looking for it EVERYWHERE. Seriously, everywhere:


Guys, it’s not in the pot of plants.


Or that one.


Or that one…sheesh!

Maybe this guy knows something:


I thought he looked very wise. The Kork-Knees would not go within five feet of him…no idea why, but I suspect it has something to do with the last portal they went through.

I herded them back inside & said they need to just chill out for the day & wait for nightfall…there is no way a Halloween portal is going to open up while the sun is blazing!

I mean c’mon, magic portals 101, right?!

So we waited. They impatiently, me industriously (getting work done, then digging out my party duds!).

Then…finally…the sun began to set…

…I put on my party duds…

…the sun dipped below the horizon…

…the portal suddenly bloomed into being, right there in the middle of the living room, big as you please, all lit up as if by a thousand candles!

We eagerly jumped through!

…into darkness!


Wait, why is it dark?!

…the portal was all lit up…

…where is the party?

…Callie Kork thinks she hears music in the distance, so we hesitantly move toward it, stepping carefully, just in case. It would not do to step on anything that might jump up & get us.

Soon we think we see a shape ahead…


I pull out my little flashlight to see what it might be…


Hahahaha well if they have billboards & ads set up, we must be close to some kind of party!


(Note to self: Investigate that Portal Protection Elixir and consider trying some!)

As we stand there, little dots of light slowly start to glow in the darkness, lighting the way…

Lots & lots of fog here…we hope it is fog…please let it be fog, and not spiders (just like Ron Weasley, none of us like spiders!).



We all ran down the path, following the lights…


The music starts to get louder…

And finally…

Woohooo! Party time!!

Now that we found the actual shenanigans, shenanigans thus ensued!

Such as…cauldron rides!


Cally Kork screamed at least two times, when the cauldron whirled around really fast, and it made us all laugh since her laugh was so high-pitched. After the ride she denied ever screaming…but we know she did!

Then we dared to get close to…a captured ghost!


I heard somone say that the jar was opened at some point, but I didn’t want to check. Anyway, even if the ghost got out, it’s in a portal-land, not my house, so I have nothing to worry about! But I’ll cross my fingers, just in case.

The Kork-Knees got to go “trick or treating” in the alternate-reality-of-a-portal-land kind of way, which means they got to grab treats out of a bucket without any tricking needed…


As we wandered & sampled all the fun, we also ooohed and aaaahed over all the fun party decor, like glittery black cats…


…witchy things…


…lights strung in all the trees…

We were having a blast, thinking what a fun party it was, not scary at all!

And then Cary Kork noticed a smaller, subtle path that led off through the fog…and Kork-Knees being Kork-Knees, they all scurried off to see where the path led, and naturally I had to follow…


The path ended soon, and we found this:


At first we were scared…a OUIJA BOARD! Oh no, oh no! But then we realized that this was a fun party, not scary at all, and there was nothing to be afraid of. So we tried to open it, to no avail. They told me to get out my wand & tap it, and I said what wand? I don’t have wands just hanging out on my person!

Cally Kork rolled her eyes (which can happen in portal lands) and said to reach into my pocket.

Lo & behold, a wand!


The Kork-Knees giggled & laughed over how funny it was that I didn’t know I had a wand. Of course having no pockets, they can’t carry wands, but they’re ok with this since I’m around for when wands are needed.

Now armed with a wand, I proceeded to tap on the Ouija Board box.



I tapped again.

…it rattled, shimmied…then


It sprang open, and SPIDERS ran out!!


We ran back to the portal, chased by spiders!


That’s it, that’s enough party for now!

Just before we got to the portal…a shape loomed out of the darkness & fog…

But we didn’t wait to see what it was! We jumped right into the portal!

And arrived home safe & sound.

 We spent the rest of the night reliving the whole adventure, laughing and teasing Cally Kork about when she screamed on the cauldron ride, eating the leftover treats I’d smuggled back in my pockets, and just generally having a grand ole time.

And laughing over my reaction to the wand incident.

Which prompted me to make another “Keep Calm” printable sign:


And then I added some of that grungy effect to the two Halloween printables I’d made in years past:


And naturally, I had to give them out as a “treat” to anyone who stayed through the whole party! :)

They’re 3.5″ x 5″ little .jpg graphics, ready to print & frame.

Grab them right here: [Download not found]

 There’s nothing like a Halloween party in a portal land! I hope you had as much fun as we did!

And now that the Kork-Knees and I have had our fun here, we’re ready to take off to all the other portal lands having parties this year…we hear there’s quite a list…so once this candy is finished & we take a nap, we’ll be off to other lands! We can’t wait to see what all the other parties are like!

A huge, spooky, non-spidery THANK YOU to Vanessa for hosting the party & party hub!

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  1. beverly e says:

    The Kork-Knees are so cute! Thanks for the prints… Keep Calm and Party On!

  2. Oh no spiders!!! LOL! How adorable the little Kork-Knees are. Thank you for having such a lovely party! Please stop by mine if you have time!

  3. Wow you have quite an imagination for storytelling. As for spiders no thanks ;}

  4. The Kork-knees are lovely little creatures. So glad to have met them and gone through with them on portal adventures.

  5. The kork-knees are so cute. Lots of imagination here!
    Thanks so much for the party and the prints!

    Happy Halloween!
    Chrislyn / Spiritdog Studios

  6. Whew! So glad you and the Korks made it home safely! Have a happy Halloween!


    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  7. Hee heeee, magic portals 101! I LOVE it! How inventive and delightful! Thank you so much for joining in!!
    Happy Halloweeeeen <3, Vanessa

  8. OH how cute are those Kork-knees!!!..and I would have run from the spiders too…but am now worrying about what was lurking near the portal.
    Thank you for the posters, they are fabulous :D XXX

  9. Gleefully giggly, a wonderful addition to the party and a fun look through for everyone who stops by. A very Happy Halloween to you!

  10. Those Kork-knees sure know how to find trouble! ^_~

    I loved your through-the-portal party… I’m so glad I stopped by! =D


  11. What a wondrous party and story. Very spooky. Thank you for sharing. Please visit me: momentsinaneye.blogspot.com I am a little late.

  12. peggy gatto says:

    Kork knees know how to party!!! How clever , I had a great visit!

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