Happy Downton Sunday

I’m back into Downton love! Sad that I was ever “out” of it, but there it is. I’d first fell for the show when it started & gleefully looked forward to Downton Sunday & the Twitter parties; I even made two wonderful friends that way, and we started our own private Facebook group to talk about things Downton. But then somewhere in the middle of series 3, I stopped watching; it wasn’t anything specific, so I suppose I’ll just blame life. ;)

But then I saw these hilarious spoof vids over the holidays, and it sucked me right back into Downton & I remembered why I loved it so much:

And I was immediately smitten all over again. Those videos are so hilarious!! The selfie is my favorite part, followed by the Dowager falling off the couch, followed by Thomas trying to kiss “Lord Hollywood.”

I promptly re-watched series 3 & finished it (one thing I’d been leery of was Anna’s story, but it was done so well—what else should I have expected?!), then plowed right on through series 4 to be ready for the start of series 5 last week.

And tonight, episode 2 of series 5. It’s Downton Day! Hooray!

Today I remembered some funnies I made a few years ago (in 2011! Eeek!)…funny, silly fake polaroids that were supposed to have been taken by the Downton characters & captioned by them, too. You can see Lady Mary’s hereCarson’s here, and Anna’s here.

I still chuckle at them. So I think, in honor of my “return to being in love with Downton,” I need to make a new batch. Going to look for ideas in tonight’s episode…

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