And suddenly, the gap was gone; hello, impenetrable forest – An Elephant Coffee Klatch interim post

So The Klatch is coming back. Klatch 2.0! Except it was never exactly a 1.0 version…more of a .5 version.

But never mind that. Erma has swished—er, spoken—and I’m very, very eager to bring the Klatch back.

Lots & lots more info to come in the coming days/weeks, but for now…I just needed to write this.


Back in 2011 I wrote a Klatch post about “the gap,” the distance between where you are on the way to a dream and where you want to be regarding that dream and how that gap can seem ginormous & scary & unpassable. After a chat with Erma, “She tells me that when I’m ready, I’ll figure out how to cross, but it won’t happen until I release anxiety over it and get ok with it existing. She said not to rush the process, and don’t force it. Just let it be.”

Well, I let it be, and here we are in 2015…and I just realized that I’ve crossed the gap.

It felt like in one of those old cartoons, where someone is facing a huge ravine-type gap, they suddenly have a hook & rope, toss it over, yank the rope, and the rocks easily pull together and they step across. The huge, scary gap that yawned out in front of me in 2011 is now a mere crack in the sand, and I have stepped over it.


…here on the other side, things just got hairy.

Or rather, leafy.

I’m standing here on the other side of the gap, staring up & into the largest, darkest, scariest wild forest I’ve ever seen. It’s like some crazy amalgamation of every fairy tale, Harry Potter, Twilight, you-name-it scary forest ever created. Into the Woods, indeed. I’m not budging.

I stand here, staring at the trees I couldn’t fit through if I tried, and imagining I’m hearing all kinds of things from in there. And I thought the gap was scary—ha.

Erma, when you get a chance, we need to talk.


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