Here’s to 10 years, Avidly Dreaming!

I missed wishing this blog a happy anniversary!

Ok, to be technical, my blog is older than 10 years and this domain is younger than 10. But my archives here, the ones I was able to save, go back to September 2005, so last September marked 10 years of content here on this blog. :)

The older content here was started on my first domain,, that I shut down when I thought I was done with blogging. I then realized I wasn’t, tried to get the domain back, and it was taken by a cybersquatter. So I bought this domain instead, because I’d always called my blog “Avidly Dreaming” anyway. And I pulled into it all the content I was able.

I don’t remember when I bought Avidity, but I was doing sites long before I bought it. So while I’ve had my own site since 1997, on Geocities, and my own domains for longer than 10 years, because this domain has posts going back 10 years, I’ll celebrate this September as’s 10-year. ;)

And egad, in another year & a half it’ll be time to celebrate 20 years of having a website. That’s just crazy!

But I think I might see if I have enough pieces of my old sites to recreate them in all their HTML, graphic-heavy glory in honor of the 20th. :D

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