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Well hello there! A little rambly chat.

Hi! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted…which seems to be the norm in the past couple of years, haha. Blogging isn’t what it used to be; it used to be about just rambling on about life & whatever you felt compelled to ramble about, but it seems now “blogging” is similar to “publishing a magazine,” requiring perfectly-crafted words with perfectly-staged photos and tailored to a specific audience with specific end goals in mind (increase traffic, ad revenue, etc).

Well, the heck with all of that!

I mean the heck with it here. All of that kind of blogging is fine in its place, and helping people do that kind of blogging is part of my business…but here, on my little personal blog space that I’ve had for ages now? Naaaah, none of that structured blogging stuff.

This space is just for blathering, randomly.

And so blather I shall! :)


The first thing I’ll mention is that I’m blogging again because I’m preparing for Vanessa‘s annual Mad Tea Party in a couple of weeks!! Wheee! Me and the Kork-Knees are *so* ready to party. I’ve not done the Mad Tea Party in awhile, so I’m really looking forward to it. Bring on the silliness and…madness.


I’m also very happy to finally have my hands on The Wild Unknown tarot deck; I’d been eyeing it for ages. If you’ve ever thought about it, get it now because the current version will stop being available in August…I’m guessing that it will start being published by a big company, and while that’s great for the artist, I love that it was sort of an “underground” deck for so long (well, sort of, lol) & that I was able to get one of the decks that they published themselves. The deck comes with a big black & white image of one of the cards & it’s just gorgeous. If you haven’t come across this deck yet, search Instagram for #thewildunknowntarot & drink in all the pretty. :)


And another fabulous find recently is the amazing artist Terri Foss…I pretty much want every single one of her paintings! I was able to get this little one…I call her a sunflower witch even though I know she’s supposed to be a fairy. ;) I love sunflowers & grow them as I can, use their dried petals for various things etc, so when I saw this, I had to scoop it up. And a lovely bonus was that Terri included several business card-sized prints of past paintings…to say I was giddy isn’t exaggerating!



And in garden news…my cactus bloomed! And is going to bloom again! I never knew cacti bloomed like this…and this particular cactus is growing like a weed – climbing up the fence, putting arms out everywhere…and I’m just letting her grow & do whatever she wants. Will be fun to see what all she gets up to. I need to document exactly how oddly she’s growing…it’s really funny (sideways out of a pot on the concrete with roots that snaked over to the edge & went into the ground, then found her way up the fence).

One thing I love about where I live is that my neighbors are plant people too, and we share plants & cuttings back and forth. I’ve already given people sections of my cactus, and it just keeps making more, hahaha. (A neighbor gave me an elephant ear plant, as mentioned in my previous post, and I’d never had one before & didn’t realize they sprout new elephant ears constantly…I’ll soon be overrun! Not that I’m complaining. ;) )

And one last thing…am I the only one who’s already in a fall mood? I’m almost daily checking my fav stores online for fall candles & such…I swear, the Fourth of July does not mean “summer” to me, it means, “Is it fall yet? Is it fall yet? Is it fall yet?”

Eagerly awaiting pumpkin spice & all things Halloween,

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  1. Sara!
    I also cannot wait for the magick that is the Autumn Season and Halloween! Anyway, I wanted to comment here and tell you that I am SO happy I found your blog, you have some excellent finds on here… and now you have me OBSESSED with the work of Miss Terri Foss! OH what a treasure it is to find her work!!! Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to explore her work, as well as your blog a whole lot more…


    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Justina! :) And isn’t Terri amazing?! Her Instagram account is gorgeous, too. I can’t wait to collect more of her stuff…I want it all, lol! :)

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