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It’s time for TEA! Let’s all be mad and have a party!

(This post is for Vanessa’s annual Mad Tea Party blog hop…excessive silliness, starring the Kork-Knees, will ensue. Fair warning!)

I told them not to follow.

I told them it wasn’t actually a white rabbit, it was Jack Kork wearing white rabbit ears. That it was a joke.

But did they listen? Ooooooh no. Off they ran, the scamps, gleefully shouting that they were “following the white rabbit!”


So I suppose there’s nothing to do but go fetch them. I wander out onto the patio to see where they got to, but I don’t see them anywhere.

That’s odd. Usually I can at least hear them giggling when they hide.

Frowning, I start moving pots & looking in plants, calling for them.

Nothing, not a peep!

But then suddenly I see a flash of white…

…I look over at it, and find…

Jack Kork’s white rabbit ears hat!

Oh dear. They found a portal.

Well, I told them to be careful; it’s that time of year, and there’s no telling what kind of crazy portals might open up & lure them in. Well, they’ll have to learn the hard way, I suppose.

I take the little hat with me while I go back inside to make some tea.

I’m about to pour the water into my cup when I hear some faint music…I set the kettle down and investigate. Might be the Kork-Knees coming back.

I take a step, and WHOOSH! I’m sliding down…a hole? But I didn’t see one!

Then I tumble out…somewhere…tumble once in a somersault, then start sliding fast down a hill. When I come to a stop, I’m in a strange room, and I hear all kinds of high-pitched laughter and giggling. I’ve found the Kork-Knees, that’s for sure.

I sit up & look around. Kallie Kork sees me. “Wasn’t that fun?!” she gushes.

“Well…um…sure…” I know from experience that it’s best to just agree that everything is fun. “What are you all doing?”

She giggles, a bit…madly. “Why, we’re having TEA!”

I then notice that there’s a table laden with tea things…and confetti…and some kind of nibble…

…and the Kork-Knees.


They are excited to have lots of different tea…oh heck, they’re just always excited to have a party!

And then, suddenly…


What’s this?! How did my kitty Bast get here, too? She must have followed me down the hole!

Oh hang on, I think I know why…

…one of the teas is peppermint…


And she likes peppermint.

The Kork-Knees are laughing like mad.

I decide to look around, and see treats…


And tea…


I ask the Kork-Knees where I should start.

“TEA!” They yell, bouncing up and down.

Tea it is!



As I happily sip my teas – all three are delicious, of course – I ask the Kork-Knees what the stack of unicorn cards is all about.


They don’t know, but say we must find out. So I gingerly turn one over…


Awwwwww! Hey Korks, you’re my besties!

They all giggle & ooooh and aaaaaah.

I turn over another one:


Um…I didn’t ask a question…

However, Mr Crazy Scamp Jack Kork giggles even more madly than usual & scampers off, the others following him…


And the next thing I know, they all dive into a bowl of confetti!


Even I’m chuckling at this point.

“What are you doing?” I ask, laughing at their silliness.

“Bazinga!” They shout.

“Wait…what? Are you quoting Big Bang Theory at me?!”

Laughing uproariously, they all yell, “Bazinga!” and dive into the confetti again!

Suddenly I remember…I know what they’re doing!

So now I’m laughing and laughing along with them. Finally they crawl out of the confetti, giggling and trying to catch their breath.


“Ok all that made me hungry…let’s eat the goodies!” They agree!



Oy, I’m full now!

And the Kork-Knees are napping…well, three of them are…Jack Kork is still raring to go…


I think it’s time to call it a day! I’m going to gather up the (sleepy) scamps and hopefully find the portal quickly and head back home. Oh…I slid down a hole to get here…I hope I don’t have to climb up that hole somehow to get back home…?

I hear Jack Kork giggling to himself. I’m sure he knows how to find the portal to a fast trip home.

We hope you had fun at the party! And to say thanks for stopping by, here’s a little giftie…the “Eat” and “Drink” printable! (It’s a design I made & usually sell in my shop, so please no commercial use…personal use only! :) ) You just print it out onto one regular size sheet then cut each one out; each is 5″x7″. :)

[Download not found]


Once I make my way back home, I’m going to go visiting all the other parties! See you all there!

— Sara & the Kork-Knees

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  1. Bazinga! I love it! The Kork Knees are very adventurous! I really enjoyed hanging with them and you!

  2. Oh,my! I am in love with the scamp-a-licious Kork-Knees! What a clan and how nice of them to invite you to tea! Bazinga!

  3. I enjoyed the adventure with the Kork-Knees. Great writing of a fun time.

  4. I am so happy to have met new friends – the Kork-Knees! What wonderful and fun little people! The treats were so delectable, and sharing them with the cat was even more fun. Thank so much for the parting gift. I had such a wonderful time!

  5. I had never seen a Kork-Knee before and now that I’ve seen I can’t imagine how I’ve lived my entire life without them. They are sooo cute! I also love your storytelling style–the sounds, in particular. And, of course, I’m quite taken by the yummies.

    Happy Mad Tea Party! ♥

  6. The Kork-Knees truly know how to throw a party! I had a lovely tumble through the portal to your festivities! And thank you for the giftie!

  7. Love your party with the mischievous kork-knees and Bast is a delight, such a faithful feline following you down the hole or was she lure more by the smell of delicious peppermint tea, maybe a combination of both. It was a merry party to be sure.

  8. Emily Rose says:

    This was so much fun! At first I didn’t know what was going on, but then I saw the Cork Knees (cork knees? cork-knees? korkknees? Are they from the Orkneys?) and then I was all in! BAZINGA!

  9. Misha/Dawaioser (Cosmic Girl) says:

    Hahahahaha…the Korks in the confetti is quite festive and made me laugh. You have no idea how much I needed that. This week has been wearing me down on a soul-sucking level. Thank you for this bit of fun and silliness. <3

    I'm a day-late to the fun and just now getting around to each party, but if you haven't already, do drop by and say hi. :)
    ~ Misha

  10. Ha,Ha,Ha! I love the Kork-Knees, but them I’m always up for some excessive silliness, too! Thanks for the fun. Cheers, Sarah

  11. First of all, my family thinks I’m crazy because I’m sitting over here giggling and I can’t stop. I love the Cork-Knees. This is seriously the most fun post! I love it! Bast drinks tea? My Westie tries to drink my tea all the time.

    I’m obsessed with the unicorn cards. Where did you get them? What are they for????

    I enjoyed your party!

    Happy Mad Tea Party!
    Ricki Jill

  12. We are all mad in here….happy unbirthday to you. Sorry i´m late but my computer cracked down.

  13. SARAH! I’m late! I’m late! For this very important date! I am still making my way around to all of the fantabulous tea parties and I am so happy that I stumbled upon yours!!! I LOVE your blog!! How whimsical!!! Your kitty with the head in the cup! Oh My! How adorable! Those sprinkled treats looked most magickal.. should I taste just one small bite, I might shrink down to the size of a keyhole! That might be the only way I could get through to the next party…. OMG I LOVE those beautiful unicorn cards! Thank of you for the eat drink printable! :-) How i love freebies and party favors! <3 You were an excellent hostess!

    Now I invite you to my gathering! Won't you join me for a spot of mint rose or ginger peach tea, raspberry scones, and an excellent game of croquet? Follow the white rabbit through to this link!


  14. Hello! I’m contacting blogging friends from years past who participated in tea party blog hops to see if you’d like to join the one I’m hosting in August. I hope you’ll participate. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun! You can find all the info on today’s post.


    1. Hi Sarah! YES I would love to participate!! :) I will go sign up…I have been wanting to get back to blogging, so this is a perfect reason…yaaaaay a new blog party! :)

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