On books and ideas and characters clamoring to come out and play.

Hello, hi there, long time no chat!

Time to break my blog-silence & ramble at you a bit. And by “you,” I mean the Google bots who periodically come by. Maybe a random person, too. Hahaha.

So as it’s December, and time to start vaguely thinking about “resolutions” and all that fun stuff, I have started to realize that it’s time to get back to one of my old goals: finishing my novel. And writing other stories. And perhaps a non-fiction book as well. Because why have mere resolutions…more fun to have BIG HUGE IDEAS FOR BIG HUGE THINGS!

You know, like finally doing the thing that kicked off the Klatch many years ago (finishing my book).

And speaking of the Klatch, I want to re-start that, too. (“The Klatch” is The Elephant Coffee Klatch, which is about befriending the pushed-aside dreams lurking in the back of your mind, the “elephant in the room” of your mind; it’s about having chats with your elephant(s) over coffee & getting to know them. More about the Klatch is here.)

Because not only do my book’s characters want to continue on their adventures, but so does Erma (my mind-elephant) – she’s stomping around in the back of my head, tickling my memories with her tail, and generally making herself known. “It’s time to chat again,” she keeps saying.

So soon, I’ll let her have her say.

And then add to all of that the fact that the Kork-Knees are absolutely beside themselves to go on a new adventure, a Christmas-themed one, no external blog party needed. They just want to go on more adventures on their own. They’ve also asked for new Christmas outfits, too, and I think I might indulge them that (although I have to refresh my memory about how I knitted the original outfits in the first place!).

I’m not really sure what prompted so many ideas about books & stories & letting all my characters tell new tales. But it’s suddenly A Thing in my mind. I suppose that just means that it’s time?

Time to talk to Erma about it, that’s for sure.

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