Hello 2017! Let’s Klatch! Erma says: pick one tiny thing.

Conversations with Erma - The Elephant Coffee Klatch

Hi there! <– That’s from me, but Erma says hi, too.

(Erma is the “elephant in the room” of my mind, a representation of my creative dreams that I’m ignoring as they hang out in the back of my mind. You can find out more about Erma & the Klatch here.

Boy oh boy is she stomping around, swish-tickle-swish-tickling the inside of my head with her tail and generally making a huge fuss.

Because she’s full to bursting with stuff to talk to me about.

It’s a new year, I’ve got a BIG SCARY LIST OF DREAMS I’D LIKE TO MAKE PROGRESS ON, and yet here I sit, making lists that keep growing & scaring myself into inaction.


Swish, tickle, swish, tickle. “You and I need to have a chat,” Erma whispers. Then stomps for good measure.


Ok, ok. Let me pour more coffee and we can Klatch appropriately.

*Goes to fill coffee mug.*

Ok, Erma, you’re on. Help!

Erma (holding her own mug): “Well, I’m glad to see that you’re listening to me again. It’s been ages.”

“Yeah yeah yeah. I’ve been busy.”

“Hmph. Well.” She sips her coffee, then regards me with her wise, elephant eyes. “I’m glad you’ve got a list.”

“Oh? This monster?” I hold up the stack of paper & point to the 30 digital “sticky notes” littering my computer desktop.

“Yes, that monster. Because now that you’ve got a list, you can start working on it.”

“I don’t think you understand the difficulty here, or the scope of all of this, or the complexity of making any of this work.”

Erma smiles, sips her coffee. “I don’t think you understand the simplicity of it.”

I resist the urge to toss coffee on her. “Simple, is it? If it was simple, it would all already be done.”

She shakes her big head, ears flapping. “That is not true. It’s not done yet for lots of reasons, but complexity is not one of them. All of it is very, very simple.”

I ignore the “simple” idea. “So what are the reasons, smarty-pants?”

She chuckles. “We’ll get into those later. What’s more important right now is that you start on that list. So here’s my challenge to you: Pick one thing on that list. One very small thing. I don’t care how small. Then do that one thing.”

I give her a wry look. “You’re going to toss SARK’s ‘micromovements’ idea at me?”

Her eyes get big, and she blinks innocently. “You thought all that reading you’ve done over the years went into your head & then what, out into space? It’s all still here,” she says, tapping the floor of my mind with her foot. “And a lot of it is quite useful when you let me remind you about it.”

I sip more coffee & concede the point. “Hmph. Ok, ok.”

“We could talk about how insanely useful the ‘morning pages’ technique has been, from The Artist’s Way.”

I now stomp MY foot. “NO. We will not talk about that. If I talk about it, I might not do it any more.”

Erma laughs. “Oh dear. We will then most definitely talk about that at some point.”

I ignore that for now. “Ok so back to your recommendation. One little thing. That’s all you want me to do?”

She nods. “That’s it. Then come chat with me again in a few days.”

I sigh. “Ok, deal. Although my massive lists are laughing at me right now.”

“Let them laugh. Top me up?” she asks, holding out her mug.

So. I expected something more…grand?…for the first Klatch of 2017. I thought Erma would have some big game plan for me.

I mean these lists…ugh. I’m not kidding about them: I’ve got at least 8 sheets of paper covered front & back, 30 digital notes on my desktop, and several other notes in various programs.

I’m trying, really trying to condense them down & sort of hone in on the core of what I need to do. But it’s all still very overwhelming.

Suppose there’s not much to do but take Erma’s advice.

THIS MONTH’S KLATCH PROMPT: If you’ve also got grand ideas for the year, start by making a master list, or lists, of all the stuff you want to do. Don’t worry about putting them in any order – just do a sort of brain-dump. Then, try Erma’s advice and pick just one tiny thing from all of it & do that.


New for 2017! I’m going to include various helpful resources when I come across them. So for this round, these are the things on my mind & helping me:

  • As mentioned, SARK’s ‘micromovements’ idea, which was included in her book, Make Your Creative Dreams Real. It’s a fabulous resource & I recommend it highly…and I need to reread it. :)
  • The Artist’s Way – at some point I’ll talk about how I’ve integrated “morning pages” into my life, but those totally snuck up on me & I’m not kidding when I say I don’t want to scare that habit & make it go away, haha. This entire book is filled with wonderful advice & help & ideas.

We’ll see what Erma has to say in a few days…I suspect she’ll just keep telling me to do another then another thing from my list, but then again, she’s cheeky & clever & usually surprises me. ;)

Here’s to following our dreams in 2017…and taming big lists.



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