Erma says, “Remember micromovements” – the December 2018 Elephant Coffee Klatch

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? :)

But Erma has not let me be. She’s been stomping around & making noise in the background, and she’s been whispering all kinds of ideas in my head.

(Erma is the “elephant in the room” of my mind, a representation of my creative dreams that I’m ignoring as they hang out in the back of my mind. You can find out more about Erma & the Klatch here.

The main message? It’s time to get back to writing & to working on my book(s)…you know, the whole reason Erma ever showed up in the first place, hahaha.

However, the very idea is very overwhelming to me, so much so that I end up paralyzed…too many ideas, too much to do, not enough time, ACK!

I try to go back to ignoring things.

Erma won’t let me.

Today she muttered at me, “Micromovements.”

I paused, blinked in surprise, and she said again, “Remember micromovements.”

Oh…right…micromovements. An idea put forth by SARK in her wonderful book, Make Your Creative Dreams Real.

I had utterly forgotten about that concept…but in that moment, I knew the first micromovement to take:

Just get the old manuscripts out.

That’s it…nothing else. Don’t read them, don’t sort them, don’t worry where the computer files are, don’t worry about which story is which or how you’ll find time to reread & restart writing or ACK!!

Nothing other than…get the manuscripts out.

And so I did:

And that’s enough for today.

Now over to you, if you’re Klatching with me…is there a creative dream/project you’re putting off because it’s just too much? What teensy, tiny micromovement can you do today (or this week!) that might help you start thinking about starting to think about ways to get the project going again? :)

To the micro-est of micromovements,

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