Hello again, little blog!

It’s been a minute.

Ok, many minutes.

Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months…years…

But I’ve decided I want to blog again here & there, so here I am!

I know that no one reads blogs any more, hahaha, so why bother with this one? Because at this point, it’s all about the nostalgia. I’ve been rewatching Stranger Things again this year, which is always a nostalgic hit-on-the-head (I swear, every time I watch it I have random old memories pop into my head – for example, “oh wow, that’s so much like the old silverware holder we had, and that reminds me of…”). Then I started watching another new show, The Peripheral, which is providing a bunch of nostalgic hits too. THEN I was reminded of NaNoWriMo happening in a few days, and that was that – I HAD TO DUST OFF THE BLOG AND JUMP BACK IN.

Because oh yes, I’m gonna NaNo this year. Because…reasons! I’ll blather about them later. And Erma (my mind-elephant) is just dying to chime in about it all…so it’s time to Klatch again as well.

And I want to natter on about some books, movies/shows, games, and music things.

Because…at this point, I started blogging way back before anyone knew what a blog was, so it’s time to bring it full circle and blog when no one cares about blogs anymore.

It’s a bit freeing, lol!

I don’t care about overall themes or purposes for this blog or needing to optimize anything for any reason.

It’s just my little space to goof off in however I see fit. :)

And so…let the goofing off commence!

Happy almost Halloween!

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