Paranormal Women’s Fiction is the best thing since sliced bread.

Also, it’s the bee’s knees!

(I’ve never understood what is so great about the knees of bees, but apparently they’re really awesome, hence their immortality in a cute compliment.)

(And since this silly blog is the home of the KORK-knees, well, I think I need to be using “bee’s knees” much more often. Or use, “the Kork’s knees?” Naaah…no one would get that but me. And the Korks.)

Ok I’ve only been back to posting here for a hot minute and the silliness level has broken the silly meter again.


Paranormal Women’s Fiction is fantastic and my favorite new genre!

Can’t really help it, though, because all the books I’m reading lately are so much fun, so unapologetically whimsical and/or silly in some way that I feel like that’s permission to likewise crank up some silly here in my little space.

And about those books! “Paranormal Women’s Fiction,” which is a fairly new genre, is all about heroines over 40 who find out they have some kind of power & suddenly have their lives filled with the paranormal and/or supernatural plus quests to go on or mysteries to solve. All while dealing with the whole “getting older” thing. They’re getting older, but they’re definitely not slowing down (I can’t wait until all these authors write books about similar heroines who are 70+, hahaha).

The stories are wonderfully refreshing; I still love many YA titles & regular fantasy, etc. But there is something about stories with all the exact same elements but a heroine who is 40+.

There are SO MANY of these books to enjoy – thank you, Kindle Unlimited! – that I think I’ve only made a small dent so far. Here are the series I’ve either finished or am working through, to date:

ORACLE OF WYNTER SERIES by Lisa Manifold (10 books so far):

FORTY PROOF SERIES by Shannon Mayer (7 books so far, book 8 coming end of June):

WITCHING HOUR SERIES by Christine Zane Thomas (8 books so far):

BETWIXT & BETWEEN SERIES by Darynda Jones (4 books):

NOT TOO LATE SERIES by Victoria Danann (6 books):

WITCHES OF NEW YORK SERIES by Kim Richardson (6 books):

SILVER SISTERS SERIES by Jennifer L Hart (6 books, a few spinoffs too):

A CHARMED MIDLIFE SERIES by Jenna Rivers (new series – book 2 is out end of June):

So…yeah…that’s quite a few books, ha. And I wonder how my “books I’ve read” lists from last year & this year have gotten as long as they have…I just can’t get enough of these fun stories. They aren’t “high literature” or pretentious in any way, and I mean that as the most sincerest compliment I can give (from someone who got her Master’s in literature). They’re exactly what novels should be: A joy to read. Hilarious, entertaining, a damn good time. Filled with characters you wish you could hang out with.

Ok with that said, I’m now going to take break from blogging to go read a bit more… ;)

Back soon!

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