Have UNREALIZED dreams?

If you’re like me, you probably have several! Join me here at the Klatch to explore fun ways to pursue our various dreams by chatting with those dreams. Also known as talking to your elephant(s). ;) 

Welcome to the elephant coffee klatch!

So what is the Klatch? And what’s it got to do with elephants & coffee?

Erma, coming to chat.

The Elephant Coffee Klatch is a post prompt series that focuses on creative blocks: Specifically, befriending those blocks, getting to know them over a cup of coffee (or libation of choice), and figuring out ways to move past them. It’s a “coffee klatch” because I’ve always thought the name “coffee klatch” is just so fun & silly & endearing. It’s an elephant coffee klatch because…well…

The Klatch first took form in 2011 because I was exploring why I wasn’t finishing the novel I’ve been writing for ages. I was, and still am, a huge fan of Havi’s work at The Fluent Self, where she teaches you how to talk to walls. Being one given to wild flights of whimsy (*cough*understatement*cough*), I loved this idea. So I decided to talk to my wall-that-was-my-writing-block, and lo & behold, it appeared in my mind as an elephant, not a wall.

Why an elephant? Because it was something that I knew was lurking in the back of my mind, and I was ignoring it. But it was there, sort of growing & getting antsy & demanding attention…you know, it was the elephant in the room.

The “room” in this case was my subconscious mind.

And so “elephant” the block became, and I decided to talk to her.

She told me her name is Erma, and she’s sort of the stand-in for all my various creative-blocks-hanging-out-back-in-the-dark-corners-of-my-mind.

I decided to embark on a process of getting to know Erma, in a very friendly way, over coffee. We could chat about what might be going on with my dreams — I have so many — and figure out ways to move forward.

And the Elephant Coffee Klatch was born (waaaaaay back in the mists of time of 2011).

I wrote a few posts for the Klatch over the next months, but various life things then got in the way (don’t they always?), and the Klatch sort of went on hiatus. Or rather, Erma just faded back into the corner of my mind, being her elephant self there.

For quite some time now, I’ve wanted to do the Klatch again. I like Erma & want to chat with her. I want her insights. I want to bring all of my various creative dreams out to play.

So I decided ok, darn it, it’s time to Klatch again!

If you’d like to join me, I’d love to have you! This is nothing formal…every so often I’ll post a Klatch topic, and you can respond to it on your own blog or in a journal, wherever your own elephant inspires you to reply. If you want to link to your post on the Klatch post, go for it! :) Erma would love the company. ;)

Here’s to befriending our forgotten & pushed aside dreams,