Many years ago I created a set of webpages that were about medieval lit & fantasy; I’ve dusted them off and offer them again as a way to fondly remember all the incarnations of my website. The info on these pages was created back when I was a grad student in literature, which should explain a lot, heh. ;-) I’ve had many, many people email me over the years and ask for permission to use this information–I appreciate that greatly! While the info is now most likely out-of-date academically (I’ve not kept up with medieval scholarship), I’m sure its basics are still sound, and I hope it gives a bit of joy again. :-)

Enter Fantasia

Irish Realm

Back in 1997, I started a page called “Sara’s Celtic Page.” I took my first trip to Ireland that year, so the page was my dedication to that lovely land. The page grew and grew, and I then bought it its own domain, A couple of years ago I let the domain go, as I’d not had time to update or maintain the site. Sadly a cybersquatter has the domain now, or I’d buy it back. I’ll settle for putting all of the pages back up soon.

For now, check out the intro page.

Romance Pages

Many years ago, I created some webpages that tried to recreate this beautiful poetry & art book I’d bought somewhere. I’ve dusted off those webpages and put them back up for you to (hopefully) enjoy. :-)

The Romance Pages