Moonsteam Design Studio was one of my original Etsy shops, started in 2011, and it’s where I first sold digital scrapbook papers. I’ve been a designer for over 20 years, and many years ago I designed some fun labels for a little project that some friends & I were doing. From that, I then created labels for some lip balms I’d decided to make & I opened an Etsy shop called Moonsteam Alchemy (more about that venture is here). I needed designs for more labels & discovered the world of digital scrapbooking…and loved it! Alas, most of the designs I found were not usable for my commercial items…so I just started making my own. I then decided that if I was going to make all those digital papers, I might as well try selling some, and MDS was born (eventually including art prints, planner stickers, and others).

I opened MDS on Etsy in 2011, and the shop was there up until early 2016. I finally left due to unacceptable changes happening at Etsy (one new thing in particular just really stuck in my craw, hahaha, so I closed up shop). I started setting up shop on the MDS domain, then got busy with other projects & never finished it. Also, I’d not designed any new digital papers in ages, and as there are so many gorgeous ones available these days by other designers I decided to stop doing digital papers & instead design other items.

But previous customers sometimes still ask about the papers! So decided to bring some of the packs back to my shop…and then discovered digital planning & junk journaling…

…and decided to redo MDS. So now it’s on Etsy again. Lots of new goodies on the way, too. :)