Better (role) models

Tiny rant: Caught something on tv that got me thinking. Apparently there is a big drama right now about how skinny runway models are. I’m surprised this is a “new” drama, since I’ve always thought they were unattractive beanpoles, and I’ve never understood why girls want to look like them. Apparently now they’ve gotten skeletal, and the few pics they showed on tv were nauseating. It made me think of how much I dislike Victoria’s Secret ever since I opened a catalog and saw the bones of the models. I’m sorry, but that is just *not* sexy, I don’t care how much silicone is plopped on top of the bones. Blah. I know, I’m one of the few who doesn’t think VS models are all that great. With as scrawny as most of them look in pics, I can only imagine what they look like in real life. The problem is that many young girls look up to models and want to emulate them (which was the point of the show I saw), which leads to anorexia, etc. Yet better models exist for girls & women to emulate—Playmates! Playboy has always showcased women who are much more beautiful and sexy than the skeletons in fashion magazines. What I find interesting is that fashion mags are for women and women buy them and want to emulate the looks therein…but when men want to look at women they like, they pick up Playboy, not Vogue. If skeletal women were what was sexy, you’d see more of them in skin mags. And if women aren’t wanting to be skinny in order to be “sexy,” then why do it? (That’s a rhetorical question, lol, because I know there are other possible reasons, but sex is always a significant factor.)

And I’d love for someone to explain to me why designers design clothes in size “0” or whatever it is they do (one reason models give for being so dangerously thin—they have to fit into the clothes). Is a design going to be seriously compromised if it’s a 4? A 6? If it is, then it shouldn’t be made. We’re talking clothes that go onto human beings. If a design isn’t meant to be actually worn by an actual, living person, then slap it on a mannequin and be done.


Aaaanyway…lol. Shifting gears just a tad…but still speaking of Playboy: The new Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms in Vegas is jaw-droppingly amazing. And $40,000 a night. Anyone wanna splurge for the weekend? I promise I’ll swim naked in the pool. Anyone? Anyone? ;-)

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  1. I’ve thought the same things since I was a teen. Sometimes I think the meda is causing these problem just so they’ll be able to say Oooo look how bad this problem is lol. I’ve just stopped looking at the mags.

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