I’m Sara

Welcome to my little bit of cyberspace (I’m being so retro to use that word, ha). This blog started a long time ago in a galaxy…

um, portal

far, far away…

I’ve been blogging since 2005…well, actually before that, but thankfully all those posts are lost to the mists of time. My blog has always been a place where I blather about whatever is on my mind, and over the years it became a place to let my creative side just go wild. 

So beware, there is much silliness here from past years (wondering what the whole “portal” thing is about? See this post, or this one – but the silliness level there is up to maybe 11.)

These days the blog is mostly about books, with a sprinkling of other random life things. You can also find me on Instagram & at my other online ventures Moonsteam Design Studio & Moonsteam Planners.

I Also make various things & sell them online…in case any of these float your boat :)

Recent-ish posts.

(within the last, oh, decade?)