Brought back one of my fav past layouts, but it needs more tinkering and fixing (as usual). And I’m done for the night! Will fiddle more tomorrow. Time to watch a movie, have a cocktail, and revel in not having to get up early tomorrow. Aaaahhhh…

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  1. sibermonk says:

    Love your attitude and site. Came across it because I was looking for pics of Katee Sakhoff. Live up in BC on a little Island off Vancouver where Battlestar is shot. Next door neighbor is Michael Hogan. Very cool guy and not the disciplinarian he plays on BS at all. Just got from skiing at a buddy’s in the interior and then spent Sunday in hot springs near by. If you ever want to see the town of Vancouver or the hills of BC I’m sure we could show you a good time. Can see you’re a kindred spirit from a mile away. Regards, Sibermonk.

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Sibermonk–nice to “meet” ya! Lucky you to be up in BC. Skiing and hot springs–yeah, rub it in, lol. ;-) What island are you on?

  3. sibermonk says:

    Bowen. http://www.bowenisland.com or http://www.bowenisland.org
    If you watch the first episode of BS. We’re the site where the first nuke goes off as seen from Baltars house (in Lion’s Bay). Loved The Libertine and looking forward to Equilibrium. I’ll be sure to visit your site for more movie suggestions as I have a love for Matrix 1 as well (who doesn’t though?).

  4. Cyberdelia says:

    What a gorgeous place to live–I certainly remember that scene. Cool about living next to Michael; is he used to the patch yet? lol! I definitely want to visit BC at some point…I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Do you have a site? Please link it! :-)

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