Popping in to say grrrr

So I finally upgraded my iPod to a video iPod, a wee silver Nano (3rd gen). I’d gotten it mainly for a workout iPod & for travel, making my “old” pink Mini my home music player. I plan to eventually get either an 80 gig or a Touch (leaning toward the Touch). But I actually love this wee Nano more than I thought I would! The design is beautiful and the video crystal clear. It’s a perfect device except for ONE THING:

The damn headphone jack is on the bottom. So when I’m at a desk and want to prop up the Nano so that I can watch the screen (yeah it’s small, but fun to listen/glance at fav tv show episodes while I’m fiddling on the computer, that sort of thing), I can’t, because the headphone jack sticking out of the bottom prevents it. Grrr.

Just had to get that off my chest. Let’s see what I can concoct to fix the situation…

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  1. I put this in AntiSocialite’s comments, but just in case she doesn’t see it first:

    Tue, 06/17/08
    08:00 PM Tampa TheatreTampa, FL Eddie Izzard
    Wed, 06/18/08
    08:00 PM Tampa TheatreTampa, FL Eddie Izzard


  2. Cyberdelia says:

    You frakking ROCK, Gary!!!! Thanks so much for the alert!!!

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