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Yesterday I returned to my now-favorite garden place, Earthscapes (I’ll get pics next time, promise; this place is magickal!), and took home not only a fuschia purslane and a caterpillar fern but a new favorite candle: Blackberry Vanilla, No. 29, by Trapp Private Gardens. They only had the votives left in this scent, and I’m going to go pick up 2-3 more this coming week. This baby not only fills my room with fragrance–just one votive–but the rest of the house! Mmmm…

Examples of the votives

(No, I didn’t take this pic, since my camera’s batteries are dead, which is a good sign these days…I’ve been using the darn thing!)

I am also having a hard time deciding what to get from Carol at Paris Breakfast’s new Zazzle shop; I adore her watercolors and really want to get one or two items. I love the macaroon mousepad, even though I don’t use a mouse lol…

The gorgeous macaroon mousepad!
So this isn’t a watercolor…but it’s a beautiful photo of delicious macaroons…this image always makes me wish I had a French bakery somewhere nearby!

…or maybe a mug with her Petit Dejeuner watercolor on it?

The front of the mug...
The back of the mug

Decisions, decisions…

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