Design fiddling and data recovery in progress

Site may change appearance randomly as I find & install new themes to play with.

While engaged in this fun little time-waster today, I got to thinking about a lot of the old webpages I’ve had up over the years. I also started missing some of them, in all their old-school HTML-design glory. So I decided to see what I might still have around. I fished out the old hard drive where I’d stored them, one that had become buggy, which is why I’d stored it away. After a few bangs, slaps, and some sweet talk, the drive mounted, and I was able to see what files were on it. Yep—there were some of my old webpage files, exactly what I wanted to find.

Then, poof. Hard drive said, “Nuh-uh!” and promptly stopped working.

After much cursing and more banging & slapping, I realized it might not ever mount again. But I refuse to give up the ghosts of webpages past (not to mention grad school files and old pictures), so am now attempting to use various data recovery programs to see what I can save.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. Please.

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