BSG me, baby! Serenity now!

Got my hands on the latest Battlestar Galactica dvd release today: Season 2, first half. Aaaaaaah. This will tide me over nicely until the new eps resume in January…only a couple weeks or so left! :-) I do wish they would have waited and just put the entire second season out in one box set, but then again, it’s nice to have these eps at hand. For example, it’s always nice to be able to watch Jamie Bamber in a towel over & over & over & over again (episode “Final Cut”). Not that I’d do that, of course. No siree. Not me.

Also picked up the Serenity dvd. Great movie; I do hope Joss finds a way to do another Serenity movie, despite all the current *rumors* to the contrary. Hey GD–did you get your dvd? Enjoying some Nathan today? Bwahaha. You also MUST read this comment Joss himself posted at Whedonesque (I posted it here for ease, haha):

“All right, now I have to jump in and set the record straight. EW is a fine rag, but they do take things out of context. Obviously when I said I had ‘closure’, what I meant was “I hate Serenity, I hated Firefly, I think my fans are stupid and Nathan Fillion smells like turnips.” But EW’s always got to put some weird negative spin on it. But so we’re clear once and for all: If you read a quote saying “I’d love to do more in this ‘verse with these actors in any medium” all I’m saying is that Nathan has a turnipy odor. It’s not his fault, he doesn’t eat a lot of them but everyone else in the cast noticed it and tht’s not really something I’m prepared to deal with any more. And Jewel said outright she wouldn’t do scenes with him except stuff like the SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER funeral scene which was outside in a high SPOILER wind. So if I do manage to find another incarnation for my beloved creation, it will have been totally against my will.

I hope that clears everything up. Oh, and when I say I want to do a Spike movie, it means I have a bunion on my toe.

-joss (by which I mean Tim)

(no, actually me.)”

[This comment was left on this post on Whedoneque]

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  1. take your finger off the pause button…..lifffft it…..i know you can!

  2. greendragon says:

    That is hilarious!! Hey, turnipy odour or no, I’m there babe – any scene he wants to ‘do’, any time… :D Yes please, more Nathan.. – er, I mean of course, more Firefly!!

    No DVD yet – need Region 1 so I’ll buy it back in the US. Can’t wait…

  3. What game is more fun, Final Fantasy or Warcraft? I’ve seen WOW, but never tried FF.

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