Waste not, want not

As I began to make leek and potato soup for today, I found myself lamenting the fact that when you cook with leeks, you end up throwing away 75% of them. Then I had a epiphany…I remembered reading in French Women Don’t Get Fat that you can save the leek stalks for stock. And I have a bunch of vegetables in the fridge that I won’t be able to use up before they go bad…then I understood. I decided to do what millions of cooks have done before me, lol. I decided to make my own veggie stock, mainly to put the leek stalks to use as well as the other things left from previous recipes.

When I got the idea, I realized that I can make risotto more often this week—and beyond—with all the grains I have in the cupboard, since I’m going to have stock frozen and waiting. No need to buy it any more, and I feel like I’m getting more “bang for my buck” with all the vegetables I’m buying. I’m excited and feel like I’m finally starting to “get” the more subtle ins and outs of being a “real” cook.

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  1. Well done!
    One can also not have too much risotto!

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